Thursday, 26 December 2013

Meet Molly and Cassie

How has your Boxing day been. We have been so lucky, we have electricity here, but only two miles away they are in darkness. No street lights, no traffic lights, people are sitting in the dark and not able to cook their meals. Thousands of people have had a terrible Christmas, it's so sad.
Today we have been looking after these two beautiful girls, meet Cassie on the left, and Molly on the right. They are sisters.  
The table is being laid for lunch, and they are waiting patiently to see if there will be a few morsels coming their way.

This is the second walk of the day, it was a lovely sunny afternoon. We got in the car and drove a couple of miles to Alice Holt Forest, which is four miles south of Farnham, where we could walk along paths through the trees. There are different trails to choose from depending on how far you want to walk. We walked the family cycle trail which is three miles long. Alice Holt is managed by the Forestry Commission, you can read all about it here.

The girls needed their under carriages washed and towel dried when we got back, before they were allowed in the house. Now the table is laid for dinner, and they look longingly at Carol hoping she gives them a treat. They are so well behaved, and so gorgeous.
 Now it's time for a lay down, we've had such a busy day, two long walks and lots of playtime.
Now waiting for daddy to come and collect us, we've had a lovely day.

Forgot to mention yesterday, Carol absolutely loved the pressie, but it wasn't a big surprise, because she had seen it here first. Oh bother, never thought of that, because she only reads bits of the blog occasionally. Never mind, she is chuffed.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow because we have a little train journey planned. Toodle pip. 


  1. I had maiden great aunts who lived in Farnham. I loved visiting; such a beautiful part of the country, but I haven't been for years. Sorry Carol's surprise was spoilt, but glad she liked her pressie anyway.

  2. such beautiful dogs, too bad th surprised gift was out but she loved it I'm sure no matter, have a wonderful time tomorrow,

  3. Beautiful girls, they look happy and fit!

  4. So glad you have had a lovely time with Carol. Sorry that she spotted what her present was, though !

    Good to read lots of bloggy friends having a good time, as ours have been not great ( hence the lack of any blogging)

  5. Hi Ilona

    Molly and Cassie are so beautiful!

    Glad that Carol liked her gift


  6. Good to know that you have missed the worst of the floods. It sounds grim in some areas of the Surrey Hills.
    I love the Border Collie sisters. Beautiful girls.

  7. Ilona, you are in your element with the dogs, I dare say it reminds you of when you looked after Rusty. Those 2 girls are smashing, and so well looked after & loved by looks of things. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  8. Cute and well-behaved them both.


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