Monday 2 December 2013

Moving on to another patchwork project.

Craft and Chat club was very busy this morning, a full house of twelve turned up. We have room for more should anyone else decide to join us, maybe they will once Crimbo has been and gone. The tables were split into two camps so that three ladies could get on with making Christmas wreaths without disrupting the rest of us with their piles of greenery. Two of the ladies were receiving instructions from the third who makes them every year for Normanby Hall. The finished wreaths looked fabulous, a great first attempt to be proud of.
I took the last bit of patchwork to be completed for this cushion, then when I got home I knocked up the cover it was to go on. So here is number five, the last one. Phew, I'm glad that has finished. Don't much like repetition, want to move on to something else.  

A full set of five. Spose I could make another one, no maybe not. Five is enough. I'm mighty pleased with them.

I've made a start with another project, using up all the bits I have accumulated. Rather than just piece them together which would be a very fiddly job, I am using an old sheet to sew them onto. This is a bit of an experiment to see how it turns out. I have cut a 24 inch square from the sheet and started by pinning a square scrap in the middle. The idea is to go round and round it, until I get to the edge. Adding complete strips, or making up longer strips out of two or three pieces of contrasting fabric. The width of the strips doesn't matter. I started this off with hand sewing at the club this morning because I didn't have anything else to take with me. It's quicker and easier to do it by machine, so I'll continue with it at home.   
The idea is to cut the next strip to size and put it face down on the edge you want to add it to, then sew it on.

Then fold it back so the right side is showing. At this stage you could iron it flat as you go, but I think pinning it is enough until you sew the next piece on.

I've joined two pieces here to make the strip.
 Pin it with right sides facing each other, and sew it together.

 Then fold back, and pin it down.

Next strip, join two pieces.
 Pin and sew again.

 Fold back. Another strip added.

I will keep going like this and see what happens.
Toodle pip.


  1. Great idea - that's the way I do my crazy patchwork too using different shapes along the way. Yours will look great when finished I am sure.

  2. Log cabin square comes to mind but yours way makes it much more colourful.
    Love from Mum

  3. Oooo I do like this idea...

    Vicky x

  4. I can see another bedspread in the making Ilona, it looks good so far.With all this refurbishment of your home you will think you are in a new home hehehe


  5. The cushions are fab, I love the colours. Your new work looks like a log cabin design,lovely stuff.

  6. Cushions look great - they are different but go together. Nice to see another project manifesting! When you finish doing regular shapes quilts have a go at one of these -

    Have fun

    Linda xx

  7. I love it when I see new ideas in sewing, I like to make it up as I go and throw in as many scraps as I can. You will have a Home of Many Colours when finish.

  8. looking very good!
    I like number 5, and the sew as you go is very colorful!

  9. You are doing Crazy Quilting! That is how it is done. I have participated in group crazy quilts and have hand in about twelve. We make quilt squares of about 9" and there is always between 9 and 15 completed squares. After we have put the fabric pieces on the 9" backing we embroider on all the seams and put motifs or charms in the center of each piece of fabric. Only doing one 9" square makes this project a very mobile piece to take in the car and to sit and stitch days. Then we stitch the squares together and add the feather stitch around all the seams. Then black sashing around the outside. Usually takes us about a year for each one. I am so excited to see your progress!


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