Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Not another broccoli recipe !

Hello to all my UK visitors. Hello to those in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, China, Germany, New Zealand, Ukrane, Ireland, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Sweden, and Russia, and hello to those in the rest of the world. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that you pop in here and read my ramblings. Let's start the Wednesday Waffle with a song. If you are standing up let's see you do a bit of bopping, if you are sitting down, get those feet tapping. I was looking for a song about cooking, and this is what I found.

This is day three of the broccoli recipes. Now if you are following these, they may not be to your liking. You don't have to copy what I do, because I make it up as I go along. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Whatever I end up with I eat, you might like to feed yours to the dog, ha ha. Today I opened a tin of chick peas, 33p. Mashed them up with a fork, adding garlic powder, curry powder, sesame seed oil, and crushed walnuts. 
I steamed the broccoli and two chopped onions for five minutes, and added them to the bowl. Mashed it all up together. It seemed a bit dry, so I added two eggs. I was going to use one egg, but as I eat my eggs in two's, I thought what do I do with an odd egg, so I put both in. This made it a bit too wet, so I crushed four crispbreads and added that. Much better.

I hate putting my hands into mushy food, and as luck would have it I remembered I have a pack of disposable gloves in the cupboard. I remember buying them when I moved into the house because I had a lot of cleaning to do. They didn't all get used, so for this job they are ideal. No sticky hands to wash afterwards. Here is a plate with six grilled chick pea and broccoli burgers. I got ten out of the mix, so some in the fridge to use tomorrow.

I ate four for my dinner tonight. Didn't bother making anything to go with them as they are so filling. I just dipped into the tartar sauce jar as I was eating. The verdict? Miles better than the mushy pea burgers. They could have done with a bit more seasoning, I thought best to be cautious and put slightly less that I thought, didn't want to set fire to my throat. They are perfectly palatable and they will all get eaten. Maybe some veggie gravy on them would be nice. I've just tried one cold they would be fine in a pack up.

It was a bit of a faff to make them, I'll do something simple tomorrow.

I planted up some seeds today, it was a garden day as it was sunny. Runner beans, cucumbers, peas, broad beans, and dwarf beans. The hedge trimming has started, best to keep on top of it before it gets out of control. I did an hour on the cross trainer while watching Mr Selfridge, and took Lady dog a walk.
Adios, catch you tomorrow.
PS. Just noticed, this is post number 1918, the year of my mothers birth. Coincidence that I wrote about her yesterday.


  1. You had me at chick peas! I love those things any which way...must remember to soak some tonight to cook tomorrow.
    Jane x

  2. How funny! I've got chic pea and carrot burgers chilling off in the fridge for cooking in a bit. First time making them, too.
    Carol in Connecticut

  3. Yum those look good! I don't eat eggs. Would they stick together without them?

  4. Ooh look who it is! Yes it's me!5 March 2014 at 22:44

    Hello hello hello! Still on a high at being talked about on your blog!

    However - drum roll here! - ta da! - for reasons which of course I'm not divulging to you (I'm not a tell all to the world loose lipped blabbermouth like you!) wait for it! - I'll not be returning here to comment - yes I really mean it this time!!!!!!!!!

    Although I can tell you it's all to do with karma, it's time for me to pay it forward and you're the lucky recipient!

    Before I leave this boring blog for good I can tell you that never in a thousand years would you discover who I am, but yes, I am known to you. Look out for someone with a secret smile, it'll be me!

    So it's a blogging goodbye Ilona, have fun sitting on your sheet covered sofa in your taped up slippers and wearing your boys pants. So feminine!!!
    Oh before I forget, beware of being hypocritical, you stress how much you're not bothered what people think of you, how you look etc, that you're happy with how you look, so why then do you continue to dye your hair? If you were completely happy and at peace with yourself you'd be your natural grey. But no. you look in the mirror, you're not happy with what you see, slap some more dye on. You say you're looking after yourself, keeping healthy yet keep putting those chemicals on your scalp. Frightened of showing the true you? Perhaps nobody would fancy the "real" you? Ha ha dream on.

    By the way, when making your videos mincing about like a big girl, putting on those silly airs and graces just makes you look even dafter, you butch lass! We all know what sort of pants you wear!

    I won't miss all the times you say "I" as in I do this, I do that, I'm so effing wonderful! Oh no, that's wrong - the word is chuffing isn't it? chuff chuff chuffing Ilona! But of course you wouldn't be capable of writing posts without saying chuffing or something similar - typical of a butch ex lorry driver with a limited vocabulary. Yes dear we know you used to drive a big vehicle, you've told us so many, many times.

    You need to look up on Google when you should use "was" and "were" - one is single and one is plural - no need for sloppy English, there's enough sloppiness around - oh no, there's no being sloppy of the other kind for you, you're a solitary butch lass sitting on the sofa by yourself!

    Goodbye, toodle pip, farewell, good riddance! Goodbye from who I live with, including the dog (opps too many clues!!!!!)

    Don't forget - look out for the secret smile!


  5. No need for anyone to reply to the above comment. Thank you.

  6. I'm trying to incorporate more pulses and veg into my diet so I'll give these a try, they look delicious!

  7. Oh yes they do look nice I must make some kind of veggie burgers for myself also your meal yesterday looked lush enough so I cooked some pasta for my dinner mixed with some veg :) had the left overs just before for dinner tonight so no cooking tonight! I work a few hours a week enough to cover bills etc and save some food budget is a bit tight but that's my choice really so I can do less hours :) Louise from Australia hehe oh yes they say there's no such thing as a coincidence :)

  8. A tip that I was given for homemade burgers is to cook a small amount of the mixture to check the seasoning before making the burgers.May be worth a try next time as I think that it should work for your burger mixes as well.
    chris F.

  9. Danneke having a look in, I havent had a minute to myself lately having housing association meetings to go to for the past couple of weeks, at the moment the office are sending taxi cabs for me as until I get my 2nd hip repaired I refuse to drive 2hours to the venue, sit thro often boring meetings that have been pre decided by staff ,2 hours drive home and then be in pain, hence the taxi rides. The chick pea veggie burgers look good, I often use up steamed veggies like that, I use Polish breadcrumbs for coating tho, they are fine I think Tesco might sell them , I have a few Polish stores near me that sell lots of good foods . The latest bags you made look good, hope those recipients you gave to outside the store were pleased with them. . Off to fill the cat dishes for the evening feed, for the stray cats, they have extras tonight, some home made veggie soup which they lap up readily.

  10. Thanks MQ. Did these for dinner tonight and they were really good. Didn't have any nuts though and used one egg and some breadcrumbs. Everyone liked them, even my fussy daughter. Definitely better than the mushy pea burgers haha. Take care, Debbie.

  11. Loving the look of these buggers Iona, what a great way to use things up. I always make my own as they taste so much nicer that the shop brought ones and I know exactly whats in them! No horse burgers here. lol

    X x


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