Thursday, 17 April 2014

Another circular walk from Thorne

Hiya, I've been a walkabout today, back to Thorne for another bimble. Parking is free in Thorne, and the car parks are located in the centre, handy for the shops and anything else you might like to do. I chose a different area to explore this week, taking the main A614 road, to junction 6 of the M18. This old school building caught my attention as I was passing it. It's boarded up, looks like it has been empty for years. What a shame that this magnificent building has fallen into a state of disrepair. 
The creeping ivy has just about devoured the top of  this side of the building.

Look at the wonderful clock tower, they don't make them like that any more.

I reached the M18 junction and turned right and took a minor road which runs parallel to the motorway. Along here is a huge distribution depot for BMW cars, and a depot for The Range department stores. At one time this road used to be a favourite place for trucks to park up overnight, but sadly there are 'No Overnight Parking' signs everywhere. The road runs alongside the motorway, then follows the railway line, before it turns left and crosses the motorway. I took a picture of this dog poo bin because I had just walked along the road and found piles of dumped rubbish all along it. How ridiculous to put a dog bin there, when there is no dog mess around. They should park a skip at the side of the road so all the disgusting people who make such a mess with their rubbish can deposit it in the proper place.

The oil seed rape is back again, this time there is a new variety which doesn't grow so tall. Last year I was wading through it at head height, now it is only just past my knees. I didn't have to go through any today though. 
The weather has been overcast all day, but at least the rain has kept off. This narrow bridge crosses the River Don. There are bollards at each end to restrict the width to 6 feet 6 inches. I sat on a big rock and had my lunch while watching everyone creeping carefully through the gap. Some of them had obviously done it before and put their foot down to get to the other side before anyone came onto the bridge at the other end. One big van got a bit stuck and had to reverse out. The surface of the bridge has wooden slats which rattled noisily when a car went over it.

According to the map, the tracks I was following were supposed to be well defined bridleways, but some of them were very overgrown and lacking signposts. This one went through a wood, but on the map it shows it should be around the outside of it. I persevered for a while but had to give up as it got a bit wild. I got out of it and walked along the field edge next to it.

I got onto the New Junction Canal at Sykehouse Lock, where Kirk Lane Bridge goes over the top of it. 

This is part of the Trans Pennine Trail, a long distance cycle track.

After about half an hour I crossed back over the canal at the next bridge, the Kirkhouse Green Bridge. This is a road bridge that lifts up if any boats want to pass through.
Oh dear, what a sight for sore eyes. The dumping of rubbish is an epidemic in these parts. 
A bit of road walking then onto a footpath, past the pond, to Fishlake. Only one swan here, couldn't see if there was a nest anywhere.

This is St Cuthbert's Church at Fishlake. It's only a small village but this magnificent building dominates it.

Looks more like a Cathedral from the back view. It's lovely. Sadly it was locked so I couldn't go inside.

It was time for me to head back to Thorne. I was on the wrong side of the river so I followed the road back to the narrow bridge, and after a short walk along the main road I was back at the motorway junction. I walked 14 .85 miles today, I'm pleased with that.

Now is the start of Easter, I won't be going anywhere. I picked up some Ordnance Survey maps from the library this morning before I set off, so I shall be studying those over the weekend. Have a good time whatever you are doing. Toodle pip.


  1. Beautiful pictures. The churches/buildings take my breath away. Thank you for taking us along on this lovely walk.
    I keep telling hubby we need to visit the other side of the pond and see some of this history for ourselves.

    Jake's a Girl

  2. fly tipping my pet hat ...where did common sense go . We have skip sites that are open only at weekends , wont let you take a van . wont take half your rubbish , theyre so few and far between that theyre practically unusable. So of course scummy people fly tip , meanwhile theyre paying umpteen thousand pounds for flytipping police . Get a grip Councils and just give us skips and collect the damned rubbish ...rant over

    1. Kate, they are not so bad at our council dump, the man has been working there for a few years and is quite helpful. He will help getting bulky items into the skips as you have to climb steps, and advises which skip to use. My friend takes rubble which they are supposed to charge for, but he usually turns a blind eye, and charges her a fiver once in a while. I know some of them are pretty strict which encourages people to flytip.

  3. It looks like you had a good walk, it's a shame about the rubbish. I have an unwanted non-working toilet & I'm finding it impossible to get rid of. Our council do large item collection for £32 but won't collect the toilet. The local dump won't accept it, it seems I have to hire a skip or hippo bag, at a cost of £50- £80 to get rid of the toilet.

    1. Hi Kitty. Does your general waste to landfill go in a grey wheelie bin? Our's does. I had a cast iron bath taken out which needed to go, broken in two pieces as it was removed. I had it in my garage for a while and every time the grey bin was emptied I took a big hammer and broke bits off it. After several weeks it was all gone. If you are going to do this wear eye protection, bits fly everywhere.

    2. Thats a great idea with the bath but most people aren't prepared to have 'rubbish' hanging around. I got rid of a bed in a similar way, i cut the fabric off with a stanley knife which can then be folded up and put in the bin, the wooden frame was sawn into pieces and binned bit by bit and the metal spring was left in the back street for the scrap metal collectors.
      I've broken old washers down, weighed the metal in and got some cash.

  4. I love the church and the old school. The school would be a good "restoration" project and a lovely big home for someone.

  5. Well, aside from the rubbish, it looks like a wonderful walk. In my previous neighbourhood husband and I would go out twice a year to clean up all the rubbish in our street and our neighbours would stroll by and thank us. I don't think it every occurred to them to pick it up themselves! They were perfectly happy to walk up and down our street and have rubbish strewn about. I find it so unsightly.

  6. Looks like you had a lovely walk, your photos are beautiful. Such a ashamed people have to dump rubbish! Frustrates the hell out of me, but they never get caught do they...

    Enjoy your Easter Ilona.

    X x

  7. I never understand the mentality of people who dump their garbage all over.If they don't want to live with it,why do they think we do?
    Another lovely day out...I'd love to accompany you on your 'tours'...I'll just have to enjoy them via the blog instead.
    Jane x

  8. What a lovely little walk!
    Just in case you`ve missed all the excitement, I have closed Sarina`s Allsorts for good and have set up another blog called Sarina`s Frugal Kitchen. You can find me at:
    Hope you find the time to pop by.

  9. Hi Ilona, What is flytipping? I've never heard of that expression before. I sometimes drive down a road to get to a supermarket I like to go to and every time I go on this one part of the road there is a huge amount of rubbish on the side of it. The road would look nice if not for the rubbish because it's actually got grass growing on the side. I don't know why the local sanitation department in that town doesn't clean it up once in awhile. It's so awful to look at. The road is a ramp leading to a major highway so it's not like someone can park there and clean it up. It would take a truck of some kind and some careful blocking of the area so workers wouldn't get hurt by passing cars. I still think the town should clean it up. It's such an eyesore.


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