Thursday, 15 May 2014

Let me show you round my garden.

How would you like a tour of my garden, just the flowers. Don't ask me the names, I haven't a clue. These are big red ones, like puff balls. 
These pink ones are tall and floppy and need to be supported with a cane.

They are close to the back door.

And a purple variety as well.

Little white flowers in an evergreen hedge. I planted lots of evergreens when I moved in, don't like things dying off and leaving big gaps.
The crimson lilac smells lovely, yes, I know the name of that one, it's a lilac bush, more like a tree actually, quite tall. Pity it's at the bottom of the garden behind the greenhouse.

Little yellow flowers are sprouting up everywhere. Places where they shouldn't be. They don't last long, I pull the plants up when they have finished flowering.

This is in a pot, it would do better in the ground. Might move it if I can find a space.

Different shades of green, some with yellow leaves. 
This bush has big spotted leaves. The new growth is more yellow than the green leaves underneath. I trim this so it doesn't grow too big.

Tiny white flowers on another evergreen bush.

Ooops, a rogue dandelion amongst the blue flowers.

These little pink flowers are close to the edge of the lawn, and often get mowed. No wonder their numbers are declining. 
I have a really big lilac tree in the back garden. Lovely while the flowers are out, but not so attractive when they start going brown.

These little purplies are everywhere, I think they are a weed as the plant is like a creeping ivy, it swallows up everything around it. I have to be brutal and pull a lot of it up or it spreads everywhere.

My lawn is full of daisies. I don't mind, they look pretty, till I chop them off. They soon come back.

As you can see all in the garden is rosy. There was hardly anything in it when I moved in. I planted a few bushes and scattered a few seeds, now every year the flowers come back, and the evergreens have filled out the borders. Just how I like it, trim the bushes, mow the lawns, pull a few weeds out.
Toodle pip.


  1. Very pretty!
    I love the smell of lilacs, but my bush didn't bloom this year.

  2. Your garden is a bit ahead of mine. My peonies (top pic) are still tight buds, and my lilac is yet to flower, though there are a few buds. I like daisies too. Debbie

  3. Its a beautiful peony mine still in bud. A weed is a flower in the wrong place my mum used to say :)
    Lovely colours for your garden

    Sue R

  4. When I lived in Massachusetts I had 3 big lilac bushes. I wanted lilacs on a different corner so just dug up a few offshoots that had roots and planted them elsewhere. (Then I sold my house and the new owner cut everything down.) So if you look around and see some offsprings that have roots, you'll be all set. I love the peony smell.

    Maggie from Florida

  5. Pictures 2,3,and 4 look like columbines to me. The flowers surrounding the dandelion we call grape hyacinth here in the USA. They are a bulb so if you want more just dig then up and divide the clumps, Pretty lawn and flowers!

  6. The top plant is reminds me of can-can girls' petticoats. Our peonies are about 5 inches out of the ground!
    Jane x

  7. I know what the Daisies and Dandelion are called lol x

  8. The flowers look beautiful. I like to garden too, except I'm not allowed anymore since I herniated a disc in my back, falling down, in all place, my backyard, so I've gone to container gardening. Been trying my hand at miniature fairy gardens and bonzai. I've been busy trying to collect the parts for the fairy gardens at charity shops first. Mostly from miniature Christmas scenes, doll furniture, mini fences, tiny cottages, and so forth. I've seen some on the internet crafted out of large broken pots, wheelbarrows, old wine barrels cut in half, children's ponds, and so forth. Have you tried your hand at making any?

  9. Your first pink flowers are peonies, they look beautiful, unlike mine which have come up blind! : - ( MJ

  10. The blue periwinkle by the looks of it. I love it but you're right, it will work its way round everything.

  11. Picture 1 peony, picture 2,3,4 Aquilegias/columbines/grannys bonnets, beatuiful all of them among my favourite plants.

  12. The yellow ones are Welsh poppies. They also come in bright orange and self seed everywhere so a good frugal plant in my book! The little purplies are Periwinkle aka Vinca- not a weed. Can't name any others that others have not already done so. The columbines are also called Granny's Bonnet I believe.

  13. Danneke looking in My peony roses are just now in bud and are looking strong the next 2 pictures are Aqueligia flowers, they can self st from their little seed from their tiny pods, I have lots of various colours that have self set, last year a lot of Fuchia plants appeared in my gravel area in the yard, my daughter thought it could be birds droppings setting seeds as I had not planted anything except new rose trees. I am always amazed at what turns up in a garden.

  14. It all looks very pretty, I do love flowers of every colour.

    X x

  15. The little yellow ones that don't last long that you then pull up are Welsh poppies.

  16. I'm loving all the pinks in your garden!
    What a great season for the flowers. Got many bees? x

  17. Hello! Somebody named "Anonymous" said they came from your website to visit me across the pond this morning and left a comment about gardening with a bad back. I want to tell them thank you. I also want to explain how I got that herniated disc. You see, I have a history of clumsiness and falling down since childhood. Mom said I'm an accident waiting to happen! The herniated disc is only one incident in a series -- I've broken my tailbone twice and fell off our front porch and broke a foot. My knees are really messed up. Once I lost my balance when our son, at that time about 3 yrs., lifted his feet and I fell on concrete and was paralyzed for a month, flat on my back. The kid had to go stay with his grandparents while I recouped. I herniated the disc when I stepped into a hole in the backyard and fell down. The doctors said I probably tore the disc trying to get up off of the ground. When I had an MRI afterwards, they also diagnosed me with arthritis and vertigo and I will eventually have "floppy feet." Their term not mine. Floppy feet means I have damaged nerves, so their main concern is keeping me upright. Right now, my right foot is numb. Anyway, I use a cane most of the time outside, and occasionally a walker for longer distances. Recently I made a walker bag to go on it. You can click on my name to link into my craft blog if you like. I do love gardening and was the one who took care of it until, you guess it, I had an accident on the riding lawnmower. They don't come with seat belts and I ran over a tree root and went flying over the top of the lawnmower. After that, my husband forbid me to get on that bucking bronco again! LOL! I once had a lovely garden with many perennials, but since gardening is not my husband's thing, it, sadly, has an air of neglect. So to keep my fingernails dirty, it's potted plants for me. Well, my story is done. I've enjoyed coming to read this blog and the walk-a-bout was inspiring. Until I come again, bye.

  18. Beautiful pics of your garden colour. Enjoyed viewing them very much. :)

  19. So Natalie, have you tried a miniature or fairy garden?

  20. Hi Ilona
    1) Peonia (peony)
    2 & 3 and 4) Aquilegia (Columbines here in the states)
    5) Not sure of the evergreen shrub-could be a jasmine of some kind
    6) Lilac
    7) Icelandic poppies (here in the states)
    8) Rhododendron (this is an evergreen shrub that will get very large and needs to go in the ground)
    9) Euonymous (trailing shrub/ground cover)
    10) Will get back to you on that one- name escapes me at the moment.
    11) Heath or Heather--surprised you don't know this one--it's very English and grows wild
    12) blue flowers w/ dandylion are grape hyacinths (grow from bulbs)
    13) Pink flowers are "soapwort" (again here in the states)
    14) Periwinkle (ground cover, nice shiny dark leaves--good for shade and around trees)
    15) Common white lilac
    16) Field daisies - (I love them)

  21. Lovely spring colours to make up for the terrible weather that plagued Britain in during the winter the photos
    Alexa sending greetings from Sydney, Australia
    Blogging at


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