Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Nice to be invited

I got myself tarted up a bit today, I scrub up well if I can be bothered to make an effort. The Forest Pines Hotel is a pretty swish place and it wouldn't do to go in anything less than smart. I was invited to a friends and family gathering, to meet my friends daughter and grand daughter, who have flown over from Canada so the family can meet the new baby. I didn't think it was right to put their pics on here, so sorry, there are no baby photo's, you'll have to make do with the hotel instead. It's a big place with a big golf course attached to it. It's not a place I go to regularly, maybe once every five years, and only if I am invited to a 'do'. 
I took the opportunity to combine the outing with a bit of shopping. I have hardly any food left in the house, and I'm scraping the bottom of the fridge and cupboards to produce some meals. Morrisons is on the other side of town so I popped in there. Found a few yellow stickers, but most of what was on offer wasn't reduced enough. I wanted bananas but they only had large green ones, and I like small yellow ones, so I passed on those. Cathedral City cheese was on offer at £2 so I bought one, also Dutch tomatoes at £1, free range eggs, cabbage, and lettuce.

My bus pass runs out tomorrow so I called in the office next to the bus station to renew it. The man asked if I wanted to use the same photo. As I have changed a lot in the last five years, and I never liked the photo anyway, I opted for a new one. It's all very quick, tap a few keys on the computer, click the camera, all done in a couple of minutes. The pass will come in the post on Friday.

On the way back I stopped at Aldi to get the bananas. If I search through all the bags on display I can usually find a bag with nine in for 68p. I also bought potatoes, melon, soft cheese, broccoli, cream crackers, and mushrooms. These should keep me going for a few days.

My favourite vet programme is back on Channel 4, anyone watching Supervet? Noel Fitzpatrick is a saint, he cares so much about his patients and their owners. He is a wonderful gorgeous man. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it with this link. (possibly UK only). You will need a box of tissues.

Watch how he fits a cat with two new bionic feet.

Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Oh, too bad the link won't work here in WA state! Sounds like a wonderful programme.

    Is the a photo of you scrubbed up and looking cute?

  2. Sounds like a great party, it's so lovely when you get invited by surprise to these things and get to share people's wonderful special celebrations with them- i can imagine you are the life and soul of any party, ilona!

    Would love to see some photo's of you all dolled up, I bet you look lovely.

    Sandra. S, Nottinghamshire

  3. Danneke here, I can certainly vouch that Ilona does scrub up well when theres a "DO" to go to, I have been in her company many times when we have had party nights and she really looks good, a pure transformation takes place a bit like Cinderella in the story book. Have a lovely time at the hotel.

  4. I agree with the first two comments, Ilona. Show us a pic of you "dressed to the nines". Hope you had a nice afternoon with your extended family and enjoy lunch out with Maz. So nice when we get to meet online friends in person. Have a wonderful week. I'm off to DC to meet the president (LOL only kidding, my daughter is receiving her MBA from Georgetown Univ,).

  5. Perfect timing to get a new photo for your bus pass with you all scrubbed up and looking good (and yes you must show us pictures of you), was it a happy coincidence or planned to get the photo done then?

    I'm not sure I like the idea of animals having the drastic surgery that he does so I haven't been watching the programme.

    1. I haven't been watching either, I've a relative who works with the camera crew, the parts that are broadcast don't show the pain these animals go through.

  6. That was certainly a wonderful programme wasn't it.
    When I was cat rescue for a well known animal welfare group in hull, and their chosen vet told us £75 was in fact too much for the charity to have pay for a hernia op on a 12 wk old kitten, so he recommended euthanasia - I could have spit bricks at him and them.
    I paid it myself and rehomed the little guy with a lovely lady later. Far as I recall she gave us £20 donation for him which went to the Trust but it was after that, that myself and great friend Sue split and formed our own Hull Cat Rescue.
    Like you it seems, we ran a sunday car boot stall but at South Cave, for years to raise funds for food and vets bills.
    We had lots of folks who supported us, many whom we'd homed cats to, by giving us all their junk lol to sell at car boot or in our jumble sales.
    I stopped about 4 years ago when Sue found out she had cancer, she lost that battle 2 years since.
    I wish you well with your rescues and fund raising!
    Hope your blisters have all healed now lol


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