Saturday, 28 June 2014

One happy cat.

Evening all, I'll try and stay awake while I write this report. I've just finished a can of cider and it's making me feel drowsy. I would be a cheap date to take out, one drink and I would nod off, ha ha. 
I didn't make the Parkrun this morning, it was raining, and I'm not running in the rain. That's four weeks I have missed, the other three was because I was busy with other stuff. It's not something I feel I have to do every week, it's a hobby that I can do as and when I feel like it, like everything else in my life. I don't have a routine to stick to, I do what I want, when I want. 
Today I finished the second fleecy cat mat, used up the black and purple, made a change from random multicolours. I've used a piece of pink curtain lining for the back, which someone gave me a few years ago.   

It's almost the same size as the first one, that wasn't intentional, it's just how it happened. 
Mayze cat likes it. She likes sleeping on the back of the chair. It's just the right size to keep the upholstery clean. 
I've been watching more arts and crafts videos today. Fascinating stuff. I fancy doing some applique, the videos are great for ideas. Have a look at this mixed media tutorial. It's time lapsed so doesn't go on for ages, only 12 minutes. Bet you arty and crafty people will love it.

Think I'll hit the sack, goodnight.


  1. Well done with the mat and Mayze is ultra cute.

  2. Love the cat mat idea, just the right size for chucking in the washer when it gets a bit mucky. Could do with making a couple for my cats.

  3. I like this artsy video. To make these ideas cheaper for us frugal folk I would use PVA glue and acrylic paints, though.

  4. I have gobs of acrylic paint that someone gave me -- 5 shoeboxes full! Although I don't think I have any metallic paint. Are you going to make this Ilona? Instead of making the fimo creatures, I'd just find little plastic bugs from the pound shops or charity shops in the children's toy bins. And those stamped gears looked like a Tim Holtz brand. I also wouldn't buy those expensive little gears and clock pieces. I'd visit boot sales and hardware stores for washers and locking nuts. Or buy old watches and tear them apart. Sequins would work too. I also like the sequin waste metallic ribbon (what's left over after punching sequins). Your scrapstore might carry that. And for the paste, use wallboard mud paste that covers the cracks between sheetrock. Much cheaper! Very steampunk-ish! :)

  5. I've quilted off and on for years. Appliqué is my absolute favorite way to make a block.


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