Monday, 1 September 2014

Depends where the buses go.

Hello and welcome to new bloggy people. I see some of you have recently started a blog, well done, it wasn't that difficult was it. I have been having a nosy round, keeping a check on you, ha ha. Lets have a look at the new blogs on the block.

Linda is a newish blogger, started in May. Her blog is called Senior Adventures, she writes about crochet, writing, and volunteering, she lives in central Texas. Her latest entry is about her holiday in California. Why not drop by there and have a look.

Happy Homemaker has just started a blog, it's about flowers, quilting and food. Let's give her our support and pay a visit. I'm sure she will be chuffed if you leave her a comment  Welcome to Blogland HH.

Janice C is another new blogger, she calls her blog Travels with Mimi. It's all about travelling and house sitting. The places she gets to stay in are fabulous and her photo's are lovely. I'm looking forward to reading more about your travels, Janice.

Zana has previously had blogs, but closed them, now she is up and running with a crafting blog. Zana's Homemade is about crochet, cooking, gardening and painting. She lives in New Zealand. Her photo's are gorgeous. Worth a look if you are blog browsing.

Vintage Gingham is another new blogger. She has a vegetarian and frugal blog, and an art journal blog. Both are full of inspiring ideas. I can see that her blogs have great promise. Keep at it VG.

This blog is less than a year old, a mum with kids getting by on a small income. Shoestring Cottage is chatty and fun, with lots of money saving ideas.

There's a few to be going on with, let's rally round and support new bloggers. Good luck, stick at it.

So, why do I spend so much time writing a blog? Easy answer is it's my hobby and it's a fun thing to do. But, it also it encourages me to get off my backside and do something, so I have something to write about. I could easily become a slob, I could easily sit here and procrastinate and never get anything done. Because I have sat for many hours behind the wheel of a lorry in a zombie like state, I now feel the urgency to make the most of the life I have left, and writing about it helps me to do just that. I am a natural talker, will stop and chat when I am out and about, writing here is just an extension of that.

It won't be long before I'm off on another holiday, it won't be all walking this time, there will be some bus rides. I'm going to head off across the country to the Lake District. With my rucksack on my back I will walk out of my door, get the bus too Hull, then a bus to York, and maybe head towards Helmsley, if there is a bus going that way. If not then I will go somewhere else. No route planned, no timetables to check, walk if the weather is nice, bus if it's raining. Stop if I want to look around an interesting place, push on if I want to get further on. Find a bed if I am running out of daylight hours, make a diversion to a town if I have to. No rush, plenty of time to chat and look around. I would like to get to Grasmere to buy some of their lovely gingerbread. Boy is it scrumptious. That's the plan, well there is no plan actually, depends where the buses go.
Toodle pip.


  1. I love your relaxed travel plans. Will look forward to seeing lovely photos soon:)

  2. Hi Ilona, hope you enjoy the Lake District, that's my patch, some lovely places to visit, some of the best ones off the beaten tourist trail.

    Prices for most things pretty expensive, as you'd expect in a touristy area, but there's some Youth Hostels.

    Few people get as far as the Solway coast, but it'a an area worth visiting, and cheaper too.

    1. The Solway coast is indeed extremely beautiful, well worth a visit.

  3. Terrific post, and something to aspire to when my nest is empty. I'll peek in on the new bloggers and see if I might find yet another source of inspiration.



  4. Marvellous idea Ilona and you will take us all along with you too!

  5. There are some really good ones here. I especially liked Vintage gingham's two blogs and Shoestring Cottage. We love Cumbria and are going in November...will take plenty of books, just in case! The late date is due to the cost of hiring a cottage in the Lakes, it seems one of the most expensive parts of the UK, noticeably more than, say, Cornwall, Pembrokeshire or North Wales. We often stayed in Youth Hostels (before dog!) and most are great. Hope the weather (and buses!) are kind to you!

  6. Love your sense of adventure. I would like the security of knowing where I have a bed for the night. :)

  7. Thanks for my link, Ilona. I have found that my brain has come alive since I've started blogging. I try to spend a good deal of time creating and meeting the meme challenges, as well as reading and commenting on blogs. But I'm enjoying it tremendously. I've learned so much from fellow bloggers, and especially how to pinch those pennies from you!

  8. What a nice prospect Ilona, a relaxing holiday, sounds wonderful. I will look forward to your news, adventures and super pictures.
    During your travels I think of you during the day and love the catch up at night to see what you have been up to. I am glad you are doing some bus travel this time, I worry about you when you have to push on to reach a bed for the night, especially when it is raining.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  9. I do like that approach of leaving everything open! now that's a vacation.

  10. Have a lovely time on your travels.

  11. I lived visiting the Lake District so peaceful and the Grasmere Gingerbread shop was a real treat.....that gingerbread is wonderful. And a boat ride on Lake Windermere was nice also! Should b e a wonderful trip!

  12. I agree about the positive benefits of blogging Ilona. I go out more and it really makes me notice the detail. Mine is my diary.

  13. I love Grasmere! I will look forward to your travels. Good luck to all new bloggers, will take a look at your blogs later.

  14. We had our honeymoon in Grasmere in 1987 and have been back a few times since. The gingerbread is wonderful!
    I would love to be brave enough to just take off like that Ilona, have fun :0)

  15. Hi Ilona many thanks for the mention, I am chuffed I am up to 14 followers already and had some lovely comments, I feel I have some new friends I will be keeping it up, I look forward to seeing your Lake District pics x

  16. That sounds like a great idea, a combination of bus rides and walks should take you to some interesting places.
    My son and his 2 friends booked a night on a campsite and were going to go by train but the train fare was silly money so they asked me to take them and pick them up. I ended up camping for the night which was better all round apart from me not being able to sleep.
    Good luck.

  17. Thank you so much Ilona for the links to my blog. I gave your blog a link earlier today so was really thrilled when I popped over to your blog and saw that you had linked mine too. Hope you have a fabulous holiday in the Lake District. I love the unplanned, relaxed style of your trip. I have a tendency to over complicate so I'm really envious of people who grab life and just go for it!

  18. I wondered why I suddenly had so much traffic to my blog! Thanks so much for the mention. I love your blog, and I am really enjoying blogging as a hobby. I get so much inspiration and information from other people's blogs too - fantastic.


  19. Thanks Ilona for the mention! So many people are stopping by for a read, I am still in the learning process but I am inspired by your blog, it's brilliant!

  20. Thanks for the link and mention, I also noticed a jump in visitors and have 2 new followers so thanks heaps. I have noticed that you have about 3 or more posts since, you are a legend!


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