Wednesday 3 September 2014

I do look after me teef

Hello me hearties. My nice lady dentist Emma has had a good prod around and given me a clean bill of health, me gnashers are good for another year. She asked me lots of questions about my lifestyle, drinking, smoking, how often do I brush my teeth, how often do I floss, and which toothpaste am I using. I have very low risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. I have scored a zero, meaning I have healthy gums. Whooopeeee. My teeth are not perfect by any means, with two crowns, a four teeth bridge, and several fillings this is as good as it's going to get, and I am hanging on to what I have. If anyone overseas is interested in how much a dental check up costs here, it's £18.50. My practice has both private and national health options. For most things I pay the cheaper national health rate, mind you, I haven't had anything done for ages. I went private for the bridge, opted to pay more for a better colour match, and shorter waiting times. They offer the services of a hygienist at £35 a time. I have never been to a hygienist in my life, I have never needed to. 
So, what's for dinner tonight. The usual steamed veg, all out of the garden except the spinach which was on a yellow sticker. I thought I would give these Tesco chicken style strips a try, they are the size of potato chips. I'm not very impressed by them, not much taste and a bit rubbery. I much prefer their veggie burgers. 
I thought you might like some kitty photo's. These are Janets cats, I'm feeding them for her while she is away, a sort of favour swap if you like, she will be feeding mine next week. There are seven cats,  I've got five of them here. This is Teddy, Janet raised him from a tiny kitten when he came into rescue, then she kept him.

Mr Beasley or Mr B as we call him, wouldn't stay with his owners when they moved home he kept wandering off. After picking him up and taking him back several times they had to admit defeat and he was put up for adoption. You can see where he ended up. We are not supposed to keep our rescue cats, but sometimes we do, ha ha.
I can't remember the names of the others, they are written down on a menu plan, each one has their favourite food.

I sat and watched the tele with them tonight, they are all lovely.

Because I was at the dentist this morning I missed what they put into the skip. By the time I got back, some traveling people in a van had stopped to ask if there was any metal. The owner said they could take it. But, they not only took the metal they took a load of other stuff as well, cheeky beggars. Anyway, after they had gone, the owner put a large box in the skip, and it was full of soft toys and dolls, so I nabbed it quick. These will be ideal for selling on the stall at the Christmas market.

I put some of the bulky items in my car this morning and after I had finished at the dentist I went to Lindsey Lodge Hospice shop with it. They were chuffed to receive it.

It's late so I am off to bed, it's been a busy day. Sewing has been put on hold for the moment, I must start getting a few things together for my adventure. Catch you tomorrow.
Have a laugh with Pam

Toodle pip


  1. Congratulations on your dental news! Thanks so much for the link to Pam Ayres, I had forgotten all about her since I live in the U.S. now - and found her hilarious.
    Jan F

  2. How lovely to have a sweet furry crew to chum you while watching telly. I'd love to have more cats but my two have me wound round their dew claws and I suspect any more would tip me over the edge....!

    Good news about the teefs and a relief I bet too.

    I don't know what it is about the meat substitutes but they are often rank. I was veggie way back in the days before Paul McCartney's Mrs brought out her stuff and I never came across a meat sub I would have given house room to. I used to prefer just to stick to non-meat stuff that tasted of what it was supposed to eg, veg, nuts, cheese etc. Sadly, my ethical vegetarianism was done in by a bacon butty in the end. I reckon the person who invents a truly identical vegetarian bacon alternative will be responsible for a huge number of people making the change to eschew meat.

  3. My imagination is running wild as to why they are throwing everything away. I'm finding the children's toys a bit heartbreaking, my own children's toys are very tactfully re-homed as they outgrow them, I wouldn't dream of just tossing them in a skip, too many emotional attachments. At least the travellers bothered to ask, my son left his bike on the drive while he went to the downstairs loo, when he came back it had been tossed into the back of a truck and disappearing down the road. It had disabled adaptations on it that cost more than the bike. Felt angry for months, so when I see them driving slowly up and down the road I go out with my arms folded look cross. (Haha I'm turning into my mother). Anyway gorgeous cat photos and glad all went well at the dentist.

  4. As soon as I saw your post title I thought of the Pam Ayres poem. It still makes me smile but as you say it's important to look after your teeth. Not just because a nice smile makes you feel happy but because dental treatment can end up being very expensive and toothache is horrid. It's a false economy to avoid the check up at the dentist and you'll end up regretting it. Glad your gnashers are doing well- It's a lovely feeling when you walk away from the dentist with no further treatment required!

  5. I wish my teeth were doing so well - I snapped a piece off yesterday while eating lettuce! That's a good haul of toys there. They would have done better having a yard sale or giving them away than paying £200 for a skip and people taking the stuff anyway. It all looks in such good condition - some people! The rag doll in the front with the big flat face and red hair is exactly the same as my daughter had, she is 27 and she had it when a baby. I must show her this picture.

    The cats are beautiful, my friend ended up having her cat permanently instead of just fostering it. There was something that just extra appealed to her about this one. Cat's and people find each other don't they? It's nice when they have others for company.

  6. I love Teddy's laser eye, lol The black one is lovely with his chubby cheeks and well done on the dentist visit.

  7. What lovely cats she has :-)

    Glad to hear your teeth passed their MOT for another year. I'm hanging on to mine for as long as I can, I am really phobic about false teeth :-/

  8. I'm not a dentist lover and have awful teeth. What's that Cher song? oh yes .......If I could turn back time x

  9. What Tesco veggie burgers do you have? Love the cats.

  10. I just returned from the dentist this morning and I also got a very good report. The dentist's check-up was $33, so about £20 and comparable to what you pay. The big difference is the cost of a hygienist. Unlike in the UK, I think it is common for people in the U.S. to see a hygienist along with the dental check-up, at least that is what I have always done. My cost for the hygienist was $107 or £65, so much more expensive!

    Love your neighbor's cats.

  11. It's hard to find anything besides Denplan Insurance or private treatment round here. I paid out £218 a year on Denplan for about 12 years before deciding to risk private treatment. Having had nothing but checkups twice yearly it seemed a reasonable bet. That was 5 years ago, so now I am well in pocket if anything needs doing...(hopefully). And I try to leave it almost a year between checkups although they try to persuade you go every 6 £46 a time. The Pam Ayres clip removed the dentist gloom from my face, thank you...she's brilliant!

  12. As the others have said, lovely cats. I love Siamese and oriental types ( our two Siamese were unwanted rejects) not really sensible I suppose but I would love a sphynx or another of the above. What's the chance of one just turning up on our doorstep? Couldn't turn it away could I!

    Regards teeth, we met my mother in the supermarket the other day - she is 90 and talks very loud. Why she suddenly commented then and there I don't know, but I could see her studying me before saying at the top of her voice " and you've still got your own teeth!" ( I could then see other shoppers having a sneaky look - cringe!)

    1. Should say mother - in - law, mine died 58 years ago

  13. No I didn't like the look of those chicken thingies either! I seem to be going off all kinds of meat.Just the look puts me off. I buy what I want from day to day.I only have a worktop fridge, no freezer. Don't like frozen stuff either. I've decided to eat basic stuff that I recognise. Who knows whats in some of the things that pass as food.Mine's an old house so I do have a pantry,where I keep my spuds, veg and tinned goods. Thanks for the Pam Ayres video.She is still funny.

  14. From Margie in Toronto - congratulations on the good check up. In Canada dental care can be quite expensive. I'm lucky in that I have good basic coverage through work benefits, plus I chose to top up to the best plan available. I go for two checkups a year and we always start with the hygienist - she scrapes and cleans your teeth - checks the gums and notes any health changes, problems etc. About every 18 months I get a full set of x-rays. The dentist then comes in to do a complete check of teeth, gum measurements and checks my tongue etc. for any signs of oral cancers. If any treatments are needed separate appointments will be set up. I'm lucky in that in the past few years all I've needed is the occasional replacement filling as the old ones crack or wear out. I love my dentist - they are very low key and gentle and appointments are always bang on time!

  15. Good news on the teef, It costs a mortgage to go to the dentist here! I would be happy if it was only $36. A visit usually sets you back at $100 min, no wonder teef are so terrible here! I just love the cats.

  16. I wish my teeth were in a better state than they are. I think the drill and fill policy of the 1960's and 70's was good for the dentists incomes but not so good for peoples teeth.
    Pam Ayres is great, i don't know how she keeps coming up with all those funny poems.

  17. Thank you for introducing me to the Pam Ayres videos. She is so funny! Loved the teeth poem. I also enjoyed her poem "They Should Have Asked My Husband." Her poetry reminds me of Edgar Guest's. Have a great day!


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