Thursday 9 October 2014

A top up shop is all I need

Hello, Thank you all for your comments on yesterday's post, it certainly got people talking, and thinking. That's the name of the game here, sit up straight, pay attention, and don't fall asleep, ha ha. 
I went to town today, paid some bills, stocked up on pet food, and did a small top up shop at Aldi. The Age UK charity shop got two bags of stuff, and I bought a very nice pale blue fleece for £1. I've got a thing about fleeces, all lovely and snuggly.
While I was in town I popped into the Arts Centre. The awful scaffolding was still there with more negative comments in the visitors book, It's being dismantled at the weekend, I don't think anyone will be sad to see it go.  
There is a new photographic exhibition by a local man who worked alongside the soldiers in Afghanistan. I don't normally have any opinions on military photo's they don't interest me, but these really held my attention. I stood alone in the quiet church and moved slowly along, pausing at each one in turn. I don't know what happened but I felt an overwhelming sense of  emotion, it took me by surprise, I certainly didn't expect that. 
Soldiers at the ready, guns poised.

The inquisitive children looking into the camera. The boy playing soldiers with the helmet. The girl holding the child looking up the street, what is she looking for.

Look at the expression on that little boy's face, the way his eyes are lit up in amazement. He is mesmerized by the soldier 
The love of a man and his dog. After everything that is going on around them, they find time for togetherness.

The photographer has captured all kinds of emotions in his pictures, it's a very powerful exhibition.

My top up shop was......
Six pack fruity yogurts 95p
Pkt cream crackers 28p
Large tub plain yogurt 55p
Six medium FR eggs 89p
Large quiche £1.19
350grm mature cheddar £1.75
1kg bananas (8 in bag) 68p
Cauliflower 59p
Mushrooms 99p
White grapes £1.39
Wholemeal loaf 69p
2 jars whole grain mustard 78p
A treat, multipack hoolahoops 60p

This should keep me going, don't need a bigger shop just yet, plenty to be going on with. I'm half way through another big pan of veg stew. Coming towards the end of the fresh runner beans, plenty in the freezer though, and plenty of spuds still in the garden. I keep thinking I might not bother with growing veg next year, but the truth is it does save money.

Pleased to say I have no adverse effects from my flu jab, except a slightly sore arm. Pleased about that, had visions of me coughing and sneezing. It hasn't happened.

Thanks for popping in. Haven't checked the weather for tomorrow yet, it would be nice if we had a dry day. Fancy going out.
Toodle pip.


  1. I like that term "top up". If you don't mind I think I'll use it for what I often do at the grocery store. I buy only a few things at a time so this fits what I am really doing.

  2. Your shopping matches with mine, pricewise. I use Heron shop quite a bit. Its not been here in Derby for that long but I used it a lot when I lived in Hull. Do you have one near you? Its a northern company. I miss Boyes in Hull too.
    All the best shops are "on road" as my husband says. (Holderness Road).
    We have been eating green beans for weeks. I have no freezer. At last the tomatoes are turning red, so sweet.
    Have a good day if you go out.

  3. I missed your last post just read it now and I like the way it's the mortgage or rent first then elec/gas then food I'm going to remember this if I ever hit hard times again I hope not I don't see why only if I lost my job and that cannot happen :) you certainly did not sound preachy even for a second and wanted to say thank you for the reminder kat

  4. Ilona, your post yesterday was a great reminder, you are so practical and organized. I too like your expression of top up. I have so much food to use up, that I need to just buy essentials.

  5. Some lovely photos there, capturing the day to day life of the soldiers and those around them, it sounds like a good exhibition.

  6. Hey a Kiwi here ,Just got on the pension myself,we live in a caravan,I love your blog keep up the good work.Stiff uppper lip Yayyyee
    We sold up everything last year,sold our house,prayed and go where the lord leads us ,it's amazing how our lifes have just changed overnight,people are wonderful when you aren't in a hurry,food is glorious when you eat it slowly.
    Take care ,just to let you know many people don't sent comments but still love you to bits and love your life.
    Shelly and Larry xxxx


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