Thursday, 23 October 2014

Top up shop to keep me going

Howdy. The stew is still on the go, though with the addition of curry powder, it is now a not very hot veg curry. I added the last of the cauliflower, steamed with a couple of spuds, to bulk it up a bit, and it went down a treat at lunchtime. I took a bowlful with me to eat at my friends house while I sat with her dog. You remember Henry the choc lab. While the curry was waltzing around in the microwave I heard a pop, oh dear, it had exploded and splattered the inside. Oooops. Anyway, I waited for Helen to come back, as she had texted me to say she wouldn't be long. My payment for the dog sitting was four mucky carrots and an exotic cauliflower. A good swap I thought.   
I was thinking about doing the yellow sticker dash tonight, but now I can't be bothered. I decided to call in at a couple of smaller shops on the way back, and see if there was any reductions. Managed to find a few items, so the big shop can wait. These will see me through the next few days. 
The list is as follows.
The Co op shop.
Packet of 4 cheese tortelloni. Was £2.50, now 89p
Packet egg noodles. Was £1.00, now 55p
Large cheese pizza. Was £3.00, now £1.05
Seeded bread. Was 65p, now 25p
Bag spinach. Was £1.00, now 55p

Small Tesco.
Another bag spinach. Was £1.00, now 33p
Four flapjack bars. Was 90p each, now 9p each.
Vitalite spread. Full price, £1.00
Three packets of ground almonds. £1.05 each, buy 2 get 1 free.

Total spent £7.08.

I think Pizzas are a bit of a rip off really. I wouldn't normally buy one, but as it's reduced I'll have it for a change. A big crust of bread with a skimpy topping.

I need to go to town tomorrow to pay a bill. Could do with some bananas, soya milk, and eggs from Aldi. Then I should be ok till the beginning of next week.

A quick note here, thank you to Caroline for sending your old towel rail to Helen, for me to pick up. I now have a second one exactly the same as the first, for another piece of artwork. I've got enough projects floating around in my head to last me through the winter now.
Tatty byes and toodle pip.


  1. ooh I love those caulis. They have a lovely mild flavour. I make soup with mine and simmer potato gnocchi in it, with a huge handful of spinach. . Lovely and filling and quite cheap, especially if someone gives you the cauli!

  2. I feel the same about pizzas - just an expensive way to eat bread and cheese! Like you I will buy them if they're on orange sticker at the Coop as they are a bit of a treat for the family especially as we never eat takeaway. We get some fantastic reduced to clear bargains in our little Coop.

  3. I like to pulverize cauliflower in the food processor with some garlic, cheese and cream...just like mashed potatoes, but much better!

  4. I have never seen a cauliflower like that one. It looks amazing. Some great bargains there - well done.

  5. I like making my own pizzas as we don`t have them very often. Florets of the funny looking cauli (called romanesc) taste grate when put into stir fries.

  6. What a gorgeous cauli! It reminds me of the nice lizard lady on Dr Who!

  7. I often make a pot of soup to last several days, adding ingredients and spices as the days go by. It starts mild and ends up spicy! And sometimes I cook pasta separately, and add soup to a bowl of pasta - yum.
    Those odd-cauli shapes always make me think of Doctor Who :)

  8. I guess you could add more veggies and grated cheese to the top of the pizza before baking to make it tastier :) Liz

  9. I add to my purchased pizzas peppers, mushroom, onion, olives if I have them, more cheese, once again, if I have some. For a real treat I may melt some butter with garlic and herbs to dip the outside crust in or even heat up some leftover marinara sauce.

  10. That Romanesco cauliflower is a real treat!! It is only available for a short time here in Miami. So delicious... Enjoy!

  11. Cauliflower is too pretty to eat!


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