Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The way of the future

I often wish I could look into the future, 200, 300, even 500 years time, I wonder what the world will be like then. Probably completely different to what it is now. I would love to be around and see it all. I watched a fascinating programme last week on the BBC iplayer, Gaming: The Rise of the Cyber Athletes. I only came across it by chance because it's in the sports section, a place I rarely venture into, I don't have much interest in sport. My curiosity led me to click the play button.
OJ Borg explores the growth of electronic sports, the professional players who take part, and the debate on whether gaming could be considered as a true sport. The question was asked, are cyber athletes real sportsmen? How does the culture around watching gaming compare to real sport? 
I must say, the programme was a real eye opener, I never knew such events existed. Streaming sites such as Twitch bring millions of viewers to watch online, and tens of thousands to venues around the world. The cyber athlete is no longer a couch potato, and can expect to earn £200,000 a year. They look after their health and fitness, go to the gym and eat a healthy diet, to keep their brains sharp and their fingers moving at breakneck speed. 
This new sport is opening up endless possibilities for sponsorship and advertising, thousands of jobs will be created on the back of it, mind boggling really. Is this the future? They are talking about it becoming an Olympic sport. 
If you want to see the programme it's on the iplayer for a few more days.  
It's also on Yoootooob.
If you want to read a bit about cyber gaming, this is a good site. It seems the internet is buzzing with this programme.
We discussed this topic around the dinner table on Sunday when I was visiting family. My cousins son is a keen gamer and spends many hours in his bedroom, much to the consternation of his mother. After the meal was finished everyone seemed to disappear. I found them in son's bedroom, he was explaining the nuts and bolts of how he designs games and uploads them to yoootooob. He completely lost me as I watched and listened to him. I was dumbstruck. How can a twelve year old lad have taught himself so much.? He was talking ten to the dozen, obviously passionate about his skills, and they are skills, not just wasting time until he leaves school. This lad is on the way to a career already. There is no doubt that he is a sharp as a razor, and I hope that he will, one day, be at the top of his game. I shall watch his progress with interest. 
Computer gaming is not my thing at all, I wouldn't know where to start, but it's the way of the future, and it can't be stopped. 
Toodle pip. 


  1. I guess it can't be stopped but for me it seems like a colossal waste of time LOL!
    I need to be doing something, like knitting. I'm old fashioned and really out of step
    with the rest of the world.

    1. Hi, I'm a bit out of step also, though I am trying to keep up. I am not a game person however, but it's interesting to see which way this is going to go.

  2. Hello, hope all's well.Oh my goodness, I received the mail today and your parcel arrived!I like my bag very much and it's very useful to me and I like that the inside is coated and can be wiped down if needed.The doggies were very intrigued and gave it a good sniffing over and their approval-ha ha.It's so well made and lovely.Thank you very much and will think of you when using it.I'm familiar with the gaming culture as my grown son and nephews play with people from all over including overseas.They even have tournaments that can go well into the wee hours.So many of the next upcoming generation have their virtual lives online and are very comfortable with the medium and highly skilled in what they do.It's amazing,really.There so much potential for the good and positive in technological innovations.The future has unlimited possibilities and I hope that the next generation is wise enough to protect and care and sustain mother earth, it's people and creatures and resources.How nice to have a family day and catchup with your loved ones and enjoying a big dinner.Regards, D.

  3. Being a family of great nature lovers, computer gaming is not part of our life atall. I personally know a boy who spent his entire summer holiday indoors gaming. When the next term started he emerged, pale and square-eyed, like something crawling out from underneath a stone. Very sad. Pam

  4. I only use computers to further my interests - like reading different blogs on my varied interests, checking what the BBC archives have (a great resource). I like nature too and the great outdoors. I prefer games that let me have a social time with others (like playing scrabble or cards) - that's just me, it might not suit others. Natalie

  5. Computer gaming is not my thing at all, either! Thanks for your details of how to cord and couch fabric, yesterday...I may well be tempted to try that!

  6. All those people in a stadium watching people playing video games reminds me of seeing a group of policemen huddled round a video game machine i saw on the motorway services during the 1980's miners strike.
    You say about looking into the future but i'm not sure i'd like to, maybe as far as next week to get the winning lottery numbers, but other than that i think the world is going to be seriously overpopulated in the future which probably isn't going to end well.
    Computers and machines are replacing jobs too so how will people make a living.


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