Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day 4. Hebden Bridge to Holmfirth

Good Morning. Yes, it's Sunday morning, I struggled last night to get this done but had to give up with the very haphazard internet connection. I am trying to get this finished before breakfast so it's a bit jumbled up and lacking in details. 
I got to Holmfirth last night at just after 7pm and was lucky to find a smashing B & B, with the help of a landlady that I called at first. She was full up but she got on the phone to her friend who did have a room. This is ideal, lovely room, nice people, and dog, for £30. Everything a B & B should be. I don't need fancy decor, just homely and clean facilities.
I did a long stretch of canal walking yesterday. After studying the map I decided that the best plan of action was to follow water, I didn't want to be getting lost and losing valuable time. I got off the canal at Elland just north of Huddersfielf, passing through Mytholmroyd (love that name), Luddenden, and Sowerby Bridge, to Elland. It was a lovely walk, a sunny day and all was lovely in my world. 

Looks like a permanent residence in this colourful set up.
At Sowerby Bridge you have to get off the canal tow path and cross over the road to get back on again. Beautiful church.

Interesting remains. The buildings around here seem to be hugging the side of a mountain or appear to be sliding int a deep ravine. Everything is precariously balanced on stilts, even new builds. 
From Elland I marched into Huddersfield following the main road in. I took a break in the centre at the Railway Station and within a couple of minutes of sitting down I was accosted by a beggar. Made me feel a bit uneasy to be honest. In fact it happened a second time so I was ready to skidaddle when I had finished eating. There was a statue of Harold Wilson, who was born here, but the sun was in the wrong place to get a good shot.

I marched back out of Huddersfield, with Holmfirth in mind as my destination. Time was getting on and I needed to walk pretty fast. I stopped off at Honley because I was ready for packing up for the day, but no accommodation so I carried on to Holmfirth.

I checked the mileage, 19.75. The feet are holding out, only one small blister, the first one has healed up. I find if I keep on walking the muscles work better and not so much pain. Stopping and starting is the problem.

Must dash, breakfast is nearly ready. Heading off to Barnsley and beyond today. Catch you later, I hope. Enjoy your Sunday.
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  1. Gorgeous little spot! Hope your are walking on level ground. ;) I absolutely love the canals with the housing boats. The church is beautiful! Thanks for letting us tag along. Stay safe!

  2. It all looks beautiful. And what weather!! You have been lucky. I'm glad to read your feet are holding up. That's a lot of miles you are covering. X

  3. I love your walks. Thank you so much for sharing them. I would sooo love to do one following your tracks. I honk when I retire I am going to spend a year in the UK and walk and look and absorb it all. Well, a year's worth anyway.

  4. I have enjoyed your trip so far. I wish I was still able to walk long distances, but following on the blog, I can go along on your adventures without the need for pain killers LOL

  5. Brilliant walking Ilona, I'm in awe. I think we have missed each other this time but I'm enjoying your walk tremendously. Weather is set fair for the next few days and I will keep checking in with you-such fun! Xxxxx

  6. crikey, not easy to find accomodation is it? Glad you had a better night. Lovely day.Was here too. Beautiful area you are walking through. I remember watching a cricket match at Hebden Bridge on a sunny afternoon. Good few years ago now.

  7. Lovely post and pictures, looking forward to the next installment 😁 hope you have a fantastic day x

  8. Know the area well and am there often to visit friends! Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

  9. beautiful countryside there. Wonder what it would be like living on a barge?

  10. Ilona:

    Happy to see your Saturday post this morning, So glad you had a good day and that the first B&B landlady helped you. Very nice to hear about good and kind people which I think is a reflection on you.

    I hope Sunday goes well for you and you find a good basic clean B&B tonight. When you are home perhaps you can do a column on the B&B's you would recommend for anyone looking to book ahead.

    You are such an inspiration. Take care.

    Sandy (Midwest USA)

  11. You might have walked by my house Ilona, we are between Huddersfield and Barnsley :) Holmfirth is lovely isn't it? Have a great day.

  12. Love to see the photos, Holmfirth is lovely. Really admire you Ilona

  13. Barnsley was my hometown and I still miss it at times. (Now live in Hertfordshire) Cannon Hall Park is good to visit and Worsbrough reservoir and mill. (You can see my old home from there!) Elsecar has a Heritage Centre now, with crafty things to see, I believe. It wasn't opened when I lived there, but it sounds nice. If you ever read a blog called 'Heart Shaped'. the lady lives in the area and likes walking and puts lots of photos up if you need inspiration! Happy walking and enjoy Barnsley! Linda J

  14. Delighted to see your post this morning, I missed you last night, glad that you found a nice room for the night.
    I love Holmfirth and Honley, I know them well. Once was in the process of buying a house in Honley and got pipped at the post by a higher bidder. I was so sad about it for months, still makes me nostalgic when I think about it now.
    Hope you are having a good day today and that the blisters are not hurting too much.
    Love Pam in TX.xx

  15. Glad you managed to see the canals and the lovely boats. Sorry about the beggars. It was lovely to speak to you on the phone and I'm glad you got a nice place to stay. Holmfirth is lovely. There are some lovely walks around Holmfirth so I am 'imagining' what you are doing. Glad your feet are doing ok. Debbie.

  16. Hello.I'm glad you had beautiful weather,blossoms,and beautiful area to greet you today.And that your feet are holding up.I use cal-mag for muscles cramps and it works quickly for bad spasms.We use the term "panhandlers" to name people you refer to as "beggars".And yes they can be pesky, some of them.Somehow I always feel guilty for having such a good life after an encounter and I wonder how they came to be that way and who they once were.You are one heck of a walker,m'dear and have very good stamina.Rest well,thank you for sharing the great photos,regard,D.

  17. Oh, I love narrow boats! Some beautiful scenes there,Ilona.
    Jane x


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