Monday, 27 July 2015

All stitched up

Hello. Who do you wake up with each morning? This little madam sneaks into my bed when I am fast asleep, she enters at the bottom and burrows her way up to the top until she is alongside me. It's a wonder I don't suffocate her, luckily I keep fairly still during the night. She normally gets up when I do, but this morning she opened her eyes for a quick peep, then went back to sleep. Isn't she a sweetie. Note the mishmash of  different coloured bedding, most of it is donkeys years old, nothing matches in this house. 
Twas Crafty Club this morning, I am getting on with the heart picture. Here are some pics of what the other crafty ladies are working on. There were a few knitters, but I am more drawn to the fabric crafters. Janet is working on these squares, she has quite a few now, and is thinking about how she will join them together. She has a knack for tiny neat stitching, and always manages to combine her colours beautifully. They are puffed out with wadding in between the layers.

Carol brought in several pieces of stitchery which she has recently been working on while on a crafting course. Some of these pieces of fabric have been painted by her. The top left piece is a bit of lace curtain with multicolored paint daubed on it.

Then she goes over it with hand stitching.
This is going to be a book cover, she has added lots of running stitch over it.

More fabric painting, strips machined onto a backing, with Suffolk Puffs and beads added. A lot more hand sewing will be added to this.

More experiments in hand stitching with beads. Her work has an arty look about it. All the designs come from her imagination. I love seeing what she is making, she is a good source of inspiration and ideas. Sharing is what the club is all about. I missed the two year anniversary as I was on holiday, I missed the birthday cake, oh dear.

For art lovers among you, I thought I would mention what I have been watching on yooootoooob. Tateshots are short films commissioned by the Tate Gallery, showcasing a wide variety of artists and their works. It's fascinatiing to get an insight into what drives them to create their work. Try this one for starters. Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist born in 1929. She is an amazing lady, I love her work.

Maybe try a few more of these films when there is nothing worth watching on the TV channels. Grayson Perry is another of my favourites, also Ai Weiwei.

It's raining and I must go to the library, so I'll say Toodle pip till we speak again.


  1. What a gorgeous picture of that little cat. The ladies at the craft club are certainly very, very talented. Natalie

  2. Hi.There's such joy in your days,Ilona.Look at that sweet kitty- all snuggled in.The crafty ladies are so creative.I like a lot of the work there.The video was very interesting and actually her story brought a tear to my eye.She is a remarkable person.Often madness and creative genius go hand in hand,as history tells us and those with personal experience of it in their lives know very well.Very interesting post today,thanks for sharing,warmest regards,D.

  3. harlequin bedding least that's what your supposed to call it if your a hipster

  4. You ladies are all very talented. Such pretty quilting.

    X x

  5. It's just wonderful waking up with a furry little face staring at you. Poppy my black and white cat hops on to the bed during the night and snuggles up beside me although she stays on top of the bed. When it's cold though she does try to dig her way in under the duvet. My duvet cover is years old too and there are mended patches on it where I have stuck a sharp toenail through!

    Your friend's handstitching is lovely, looking forward to seeing more of her work in the future,

    Linda xxx


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