Saturday, 26 September 2015

Keep smiling

Hello. Just popping in with a quickie, I'm off to visit rellies, going to truck off down that motorway, back later. Here is your daily titter. Del and Rodney have put a found piece of bricabrac into the auction at Sotherby's.

You gotta laff. Love and kisses. Ilona


  1. Thanks, Ilona for a good laugh ! Watched some of the other clips too.......well once you start......

  2. I LOVE this little bit of film - in fact Del and Rodney were amazingly funny - we don't seem to have those kinds of funny programmes any more - or am I just getting old and missing the point? I tried to comment on your previous post Ilona but for some reason every now and again Google hates me and boots me out and then its just too long winded to get back to where I am and usually I've lost everything I've typed. Anyway in short... I do still read your posts and love eavesdropping on how you are... remember if you are ever planning a Spanish holiday let me know... we can always put you up!

  3. Hi.It's still as funny to me as it was many years ago when our public station carried it.Thank you for the smiles,Ilona.Enjoy your weekend,D.

  4. I entered a comment yesterday but it didn't get through so trying again. I love "Only Fools and Horses". Used to watch it where I lived before (we got 3 English channel programs there) but I finally bought a couple when I moved. Maggie from Florida


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