Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Smaller than my little finger

Hello. There wasn't room for these photo's yesterday, so I am including them now. This is not my work, one of our Crafty Club members, Linda, made these decorations. She used metal rings to crochet onto, and added beads. They look very pretty. Maybe a few ideas for others to try. 
She used a hot glue gun to stick the beads on.

This is a mini Christmas wreath made by wrapping green wool around a polystyrene ring, and adding embellishments.

These four little cuties are felt brooches, she has added a brooch fastening on the back of each one. Something nice and easy for those just starting out on felt work. Linda is busy making things for a Christmas fair.

My dinner yesterday was the usual plate of steamed veggies, and Quorn chicken style nuggets. 
This morning I got into the furniture removal business. My friend here in the village wanted to get rid of some office furniture and asked if I wanted it. I have no need for it, but I immediately thought of Helen who wants to replace some drawers which are falling to bits in her garage. Just the ticket. Me and Helen removed them and took them over to her place. In exchange, Helen is going to go back and paint a fence for the lady, a good swap I thought. Everybody is happy.

Today has been a hot one, almost too hot to be outside. Sue from Our New Life in the Country, reminded me that I need to dig up my spuds. So here they are. Sadly not many, but better than a slap in the face with a wet flannel.

What do you think of my carrots then? This is my entire crop, ha ha. Seeds sown into a big tub, I should have thinned them out methinks. Yes, I scrubbed each and every one. I think I would win first prize for the smallest carrots ever.

 And I bloomin well ate them. My dinner tonight. All scoffed, I'm stuffed.

Time to take the pooch out, and get the cats in. The vet rang today but I missed the call. She is ringing back tomorrow. Thanks for popping in.
Toodle pip


  1. Your carrot picture is a work of art.

    And you scoffed it!!!!

  2. How do your carrots and potatoes taste? That's the important part for me! They look lovely.

  3. Well,at least you got a few carrots and spuds ! We got 1 aubergine. It was a good un tho. The tomatoes looked good but never ripened. the cabbages and runner beans were the best things we have grown this year. We have grass seeded the bit where we usually grow stuff. After the last 2 years...can't be arsed. The grass is coming up nicely ,already.

  4. I made several of those little wreaths the winter before last. They were great little envelope stuffers when I mailed out some Christmas cards.

  5. P.S. I love your carrot photo. The carrots look very nice all lined up by size and I'm sure they tasted great too.

  6. Carrots look beautiful. Those dog brooches are the cutest thing.

  7. Hi.All the handmade ornaments are lovely.Those crafty ladies are very talented and generous with their time and efforts.The wee veggies look very good-edible art! We didn't plant any carrots this year-maybe next year.I'm pleased to hear bartering goods and services is alive and well in the U.K.Fingers crossed for tomorrow's conversation with the vet.Bye for now,D.

  8. Loving that Christmas wreath even though I'm a bah humbug type of girl! x

  9. The little felt animal broaches are so cute. Your carrot crop is much bigger than mine. I just can't grow carrots.

  10. Anything home grown is a treasure to behold and eat of course. It may be small but the taste of satisfaction is far greater!

  11. There are some very talented ladies at your crafty club. I especially love the miniature christmas wreath. Your carrots do look like a work of art. I like the small ones, I find them more tasty. X

  12. I love logging on and seeing what lovely things you have posted about Ilona. The items that you and your Craft Club Ladies make are so inspiring. The same goes for your food and meals. Of course little Rocky is my number one favourite !
    Wendy (Wales)

  13. Your carrots are a perfect match for my egg-sized ears of sweet corn!

  14. Wow you know some clever people - so cute! Debbie

  15. Love those crafty items - may just do the polystyrene ring. Natalie


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