Saturday, 7 November 2015

A lazy start, then sunshine :o)

Howdy. This was the state of play at 12 noon today, all the kids were snoozing. Not surprising, it was lashing it down outside. Mayze ended up on my legs sometime during the night, and didn't stir when the rest of us were waking up and starting to move about. She missed breakfast. 
Rocky was up with me at 7.30am ready to go out on the garden. After breakfast he went back on his cushion for more shuteye.

Bugsy was up early, yawping for food. He stays in the living room now, he has his food tray close by, and the litter box next to his chair. After a good feed he was back to sleep on the chair.

Heidi had a snack first thing, took one dash outside and came straight back in again. Her favourite spot is on the kitchen window sill at the moment.

I got on with some craftwork while it was raining. Eventually it stopped and brightened up. C'mon Rocky time for a walk. Look at his face, I like to imagine what he is saying. 'You don't expect me to walk through all these squishy berries do you?'  The wind was blowing his ears up. 
'That's better, a sheltered spot, I like these crunchy leaves'.

The sun makes it look beautiful, but don't be deceived, although it was warm it was blowing gale.

After lunch it was still warm and sunny so I said, c'mon Rocky, let's go to the park. We drive there so we can take the pushchair. I took two photo's of this pretty tree from different angles. 

Nice to see the ducks in fine fettle, and chattering away.

His little tail was wagging excitedly when we arrived. 'That was smashing, I like it here', says Rocky. Yes, so do I. It's a nice big open space with squirrels, ducks, deer, and peacocks. Plenty of paths to walk, through the woods or around the walled gardens, or around the Hall, or through the courtyard. It's beautiful at this time of the year, and not very busy, only a few people about.

Back home to another pan of soup. I started it last night, it only needed five minutes on the hob tonight. Onion and Brussels sprouts, no photo, looked much the same as last night. A big chunk of wholemeal bread with it. Couldn't be better.

Right back to the craftwork, if I get my finger out I can get it finished by tomorrow.

Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your Sunday. Toodle pip


  1. Lovely pictures of your cats and dog Rocky what a fab park to go around beautiful.

  2. Hello to all your sweeties. Looks like you ended up with a beautiful fall afternoon. Gorgeous pic's.

  3. Thank you for all the lovely pictures. The ones of the cats and Rocky really made me smile. Anne (SW)

  4. Aw, your Heidi reminds me of my long-departed Puss.

  5. All your pets look very comfortable. Rocky looks like he is a character. It is very beautiful in your area and makes for nice walking.

  6. Lovely photo's. I have had my lovely dog a year now and I really have discovered the beauty of our local park after all our did I not notice this before?

  7. As I write this my 3 girl cats are all on the bed snoozing, nobody has touched their brekkie yet. Lovely to see pics of your brood. And what a beautiful park you have, the pond is gorgeous. Good for you and Rocky taking advantage of it.

    Linda xx

  8. You take some lovely photo's.

  9. Hi.All is so beautiful and heartwarming....gorgeous photos!You are blessed...thank you for sharing touching moments of a day in your life,Ilona.Bye for now,D.

  10. Aw yes, these photos remind me of my cat I lost earlier this year. He was 19 and a half. Still miss him.. Thanks for these lovely evocative pictures, even if I shed a tear for my cat on seeing the one of Heidi.
    I love reading about your life and thoughts, they cheer me up. Thanks


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