Thursday, 5 November 2015

Remember your poppy

Hello. I'm posting this now as time is running out. It's Remembrance Sunday very soon, and a lot of people will be wearing their poppies. It's thanks to Lesley for sending me this in an email. She found a pattern to make a fabric poppy, and this is the result. It looks lovely.
If anyone else wants to do this the instructions are easy to follow. Here is a link to Oksana+hobbies. She is a blogger originally from Siberia, but now living in Texas. I've had a look round her blog, there are some good ideas for crafters which she is happy to share. Worth a look if you need some inspiration. It's a fantastic blog, in English and Russian, a button to translate, and it has links to a whole lot of other crafting sites as well. A good one for the sidebar I think.

Thanks to Lesley for drawing my attention to this, always like to share useful information. Just a note to add, if you make your own poppy, don't forget to make a donation as well if you see a collection box anywhere.

Thanks for popping in. Have to go out. Catch you soon. Toodle pip


  1. Thank you for the reminder about making a donation.
    Am off to check Oksana's blog now! JanF

  2. Hello.The handmade poppy is lovely and is much more durable looking than the one given out by volunteers after donating.I have one of the flimsy ones pinned on my coat right at the moment."Lest we forget"....Thank you for the link,sounds good and will check it out.Totally unrelated but may be of interest:I was just reading on the David Suzuki Foundation website that when it comes to handwashing dishes versus a dishwasher(machine) apparently in one year on average 230 hours are spent handwashing which is almost 10 days a year in a household.It also said that a Energy Star rated machine uses 1/6 the amount of water and less soap.Hmmm,but does not mention the electric consumption.Go figure!Here I thought handwashing would trump a dishwasher any day for being greener but apparently not as bad as I had assumed,according to their stats.We still have very mild weather here and am feeling totally spoiled for a Canadian in November...haha.Bye for now,D.

  3. I have my poppy but I am going to make some of these, they are pretty.

  4. Thanks for sharing my tutorial link. My daughter and grand daughter both made items for poppy day, which were listed on a private FB site were you could bid, and the money raised was for 'Help For Heroes' (over £180 was raised). So of course I had to bid to help the cause (and buy something that they had both made, for me to keep) so I don't feel like I have taken any money away from a charity by making my own poppy, instead of buying one this year. I'll also pop something into their collection box when I see them in the street as they do a great job.

  5. Poppy is lovely, I made a donation and bought one of the knitted poppies. lest we forget.

  6. In the U.S., sadly, you rarely see people wearing poppies. I have one from a donation I made years ago but I never see them any more.

    I think the poppies are a wonderful remembrance in the UK and Canada. Yesterday I watched Justin Trudeau's swearing in in Canada and everyone was wearing poppies.

    1. Barbara, perhaps this varies from region to region? I'm in the US (Massachusetts) and often see poppies worn. Veterans' organizations set up donation tables outside stores, and many, many people make a donation and wear a poppy.

  7. It must be regional. My husband grew up in Michigan and saw poppies worn but we didn't see them in Illinois nor now in Washington. Our town is close to the Canadian border so we know right away that it's a Canadian shopper when we see someone wearing a poppy! JanF

  8. The poppies on sale in the UK are made in workshops staffed by ex-servicemen and women with physical or mental problems, and so maybe buy a poppy from the usual sellers rather than just making a donation, then wear your own? If the poppies don't get sold these people would lose their jobs, though of course crafters are not likely to take that many sales away! Just thought your readers might like to support these workshops as well as the whole charity.


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