Tuesday 19 April 2016

Load up your brushes, ladies.

Hello. Tuesday morning and I have joined the Art Club. It is held at the refurbished Pavilion at the playing fields. Everything was laid out for us on arrival, the tutor was very well organized. As usual I rushed in at the last minute, never on time. First thing to do was put a pink wash on the surface. There were boards provided, but I preferred to use the paper I took with me. Let it dry then mark out the horizon, and continue with whatever colours we liked to fill in the sky and land. 
We all used acrylics, and I took four of the little pots of emulsion testers. I'm glad I did because I had just the right shade of pink and didn't have to mix it. Coffee was served, of which I didn't partake because I took diluted juice. I did however have the chocolate biscuit. 
It was a happy little crowd, although some of that was due to me mucking about. I just can't stop myself from acting the fool, I hardly ever take anything seriously.

Here is the result of sloshing the paint about. I'll leave you to guess which one is mine, no prizes. I think I am pretty hopeless, I have no patience and expect things to appear on the paper with very little effort being put into it. Even if I went back to it and added more paint it wouldn't make any difference, it would still be naff.

It was jolly, it was fun. We meet again in two weeks time, I think it's water colours for that session. Outdoor sketching was suggested, as was still life. Wonder how much it would cost to hire a model? Preferably a hunky male ;o)

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up later.
Toodle pip


  1. Ilona, this is marvelous, one more fun activity in your wonderfully full life! JanF

  2. What fun Ilona, they all look good.

  3. I'm voting on the one with the tree to the left.
    A hunky male sounds like loads of fun!

  4. I think those are all very good efforts for a day of learning to paint.

  5. I think your picture is the one with the tree on the left also. Your art is very precise, which this picture is. Lovely pictures!


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