Thursday, 13 October 2016

Be a bit crafty, make your own

Hello. I seem to remember someone asking about how to make the felt hearts I posted about ages ago. Well here goes, it's quite simple, maybe something to do in the run up to Christmas as these can be made with a Christmas theme. Red and green would be good colours to go for. Or indeed any shape you like, they don't need to be hearts, maybe small trees, or parcels, or snowmen. 
Most of the felt I use comes from the Scrapstore, people also give me some, and I have bought some for a couple of quid from The Works, a book and craft shop on the High street. I wouldn't buy a lot to start with, just three or four colours should be enough to mix and match, and you can get a lot of small pieces out of one square sheet. 
I make five hearts all the same so I can string them vertically or leave them single. First I make two heart templates out of a cereal box, two sizes. These can be used over and over again. They are small enough to hold between finger and thumb as you cut around the outline, I use a pair of nail scissors for this. Mine are just over two inches across. 
For each heart you will need a back and a front, so ten larger hearts, plus five smaller hearts for the front. I also sandwich another heart in between them to add a bit of thickness. This can be any scrap as it won't be visible when it is all stitched together. To make single hearts you need five pieces of matching cord or ribbon. 
The small heart needs to be embellished and added to the larger heart first to hold the pieces together and so the stitches won't be seen on the back of the finished heart. You can use any tiny beads, sequins, bits of broken jewelry that you have. You could add some embroidery, French knots, chain stitch, or cross stitch  would be nice.

These are what I have made so far. The white ones are slightly smaller and a bit rounded as I have put a tiny bit of stuffing inside. 
I do a blanket stitch when I sew the two halves together, with either a contrasting thread or matching thread. You need to trap the cord or the ribbon in the middle when stitching around the edge. Start at the top or bottom where the cord enters or leaves. Do a couple of tiny stitches at the end, and stick the needle deep inside and bring it out somewhere close to a stitch on the side, then trim.

You can thread beads in between the hearts, and on the tail at the bottom. Put a loop at the top for hanging.

Have a look in your bit box for anything you can use to embellish your hearts. Tiny buttons would be good, possibly tiny bits of plastic flowers
Hand sewing can be very relaxing, do it while watching TV or listening to the radio. The weather is horrible today so I am staying indoors and getting on with crafting. Have a go at making your Christmas decs instead of buying them.

Happy crafting. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Oh Ilona, I love them, you are very precise with your sewing! Last year for Christmas I made my little Grand Neices a hand stitched "Cookie/biscuit Set" the types of "Cookies" were choc chip, sugar biscuits and gingerbread men and women, they were super cute and a joy to make, I made a little bag and bought little oven trays and spatulas to complete the set. I loved working with felt.
    Have a great day,

  2. I might have a go at something like this I am not very good at crafts to be honest. I must try and learn the blanket stitch.

  3. Oh wow! I love them. I love homemade decks - so special. Imagine them in a window or from a picture hook. MMmmm I have some felt...... Natalie

  4. Ps look on the internet for free templates if you are not very good at drawing your shapes. Natalie

  5. I like the little stuffed ones especially :)
    I don't make my own, but I buy (and sometimes give away on my blog) colorful handmade, handfelted stars from the Snow Leopard Trust. They are made by small groups of women in Snow Leopard territory, to provide a bit of income to people who live very hard lives indeed. And by supporting the community, the SLT gains support for Snow Leopard conservation by the people who actually share their environment. Win-Win!

  6. nice simple tutorial for those who are beginning. well done

  7. They are really lovey Ilona,

    Thank you for the instructions.

    Hazel c uk

  8. Ilona - I love when you share your crafting - I'm ok at sewing but your projects inspire me to try something different. I've been collecting felt since you shared last years hangings so I hope to give them a try soon; I'm busy making little girls bags at the moment; Christmas will soon be here :)

  9. I like your hearts and a fun idea for putting inside a card to send to someone around Christmas! Thanks for your tutoring your readers in crafty ways to bless other people with! Cherrio!

  10. Absolutely beautiful !

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    1. John, you baffled me for a few minutes, I thought this comment was meant for another post and was not published. Now I see the connection.


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