Monday, 3 October 2016

How to make cheap 'no stitch', bunting.

Hello. As the second key holder for the Village Hall, I opened up this morning for the Crafty Club, as Ann was having a day off. We had a small turnout, a few missing, but no matter, we still have a good old natter. I made a start on more felt hearts, this time in orange and green.
I think bunting is quite popular at the moment, so I thought I would make some. I have an old park guide from Legoland when I visited in 2002, fancy keeping this for 14 years, I must be daft. I have lots of memorabilia from places I visited with my last boyfriend, blimey was it that long ago.
The bunting looks quite pretty and it cost virtually nowt.  
Remember Woolys, I am still using bits and bobs I bought from them when the store was closing down. This sticky back clear film was only 20p.

I cut the paper into oblongs, then trimmed them into flag shapes. If you are going to do this make sure you get them the right way up. You can have them any size you like, and if they are printed on both sides make sure you have the right side up.

First of all I cut a strip of sticky back twice the height of the flags, took the backing paper off, and laid out the flags with a length of cord along the top edge. Then folded it over to enclose the paper and the cord. When the two sides were stuck together I trimmed off the excess plastic. I found it quite difficult to work with the plastic, getting it smooth and not wrinkled. 
I thought there must be an easier way, so I decided to cover the flags individually, which worked better. Cut the sticky back into smaller pieces.

Put a crease mark along the centre and peel back the backing to expose the crease. Stick on the flag, a fraction from the crease mark.

The cord should be as long as you want to make the bunting. Lay it along the crease line, and fold over the rest of the plastic enclosing the flag and cord. 

Then cut off the excess plastic. add the flags one at a time, until you have enough.

I positioned these one inch apart.

Next I made a Christmas bunting, a good way to use up old Christmas cards. I have used a gold coloured cord here, and laid them closer together. If you are going to do this, the sticky back doesn't stick very well to glitter cards. You could use ribbon instead of cord. 
A cheap way to make Christmas decorations. You could probably get a roll of the plastic from the £1 shops, and you would get a lot of bunting from it. You could use anything colourful, like brochures or magazines, or maps, or what about using cat food pouches? Now that's an idea, I must try that.

The sun is shining so I'm off out to do a bit of hedge trimming. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. What a great idea. Love the idea of using brochures and such from visits. A great trip down memory lane.

  2. My darling daughter is getting married next year and she is having a village fete theme , no prizes for guessing who is making yards and yards of bunting . I am trying not to think to much about it just concentrating on getting it done , otherwise it would be far too daunting .

    1. You might have already thought of this but I made some fabric bunting and I just cut it with pinking scissors rather than sewing the edges. It was much quicker and looked fine.

  3. Perhaps old roadmaps would be nice?

  4. Totally love the bunting! As you know it's an ambition of mine to have the fabric bunting for my class and this is a pretty good idea!

  5. That looks fab. Great idea for Christmas.

  6. Love the bunting especially using Christmas cards, you could even use wrapping paper. Will have to give it a go for when I have a craft stall in November.
    Enjoyed my walk round kew gardens.
    Hazel c uk

  7. I love the idea of the Christmas Bunting I might be doing that one myself. Thankyou for popping over to my blog, it means a lot to me, after Frugal Queen your blog was the second one I found, I love your thrifty frugal ways, you are an inspiration, I have actually started reading your blog over again x

  8. That would be a lovely way to keep and display old birthday cards. Better than stuffing them away in the loft, never to be seen again

  9. Lovely,a great way to make frugal bunting which is very decorative.

  10. I love this idea! I made some for kids i was nannying. I used old papers and yarn i had collected; i cut holes in the bunting and strung the yarn through that way. Then, i made knots between them; very festive and the kids loved them.

  11. Beautiful. I especially love the Christmas one !

  12. I also love this idea...thinking outside the box I'd call it. I made some for my garden to brighten up for a summer barbeque, wanted something quick to do so used an old oilcloth table cloth and spare bias binding for the tape. I cut the triangles from the least worn areas and most interesting bit of the pattern, must say it looked pretty good. Rae x

  13. Wonderful thrifty bunting Ilona. I really admire your ingenuity and creativity. Kristel

  14. What a fab idea! I have been knitting some bunting but I wanted some to put outside on the fence. This should do the trick nicely. And great idea by Cherie K, to use old birthday cards. I have lots of Christmas cards as well.


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