Saturday, 4 March 2017

Darlington to Northallerton

Hello. Yet another posh hotel stopover, when I've walked 20 miles which I have done today it's a matter of collapsing at the first hotel I see. Coming into Northallerton on the right hand side is the Allerton Court Hotel, look no further I thought, that will do me nicely.
I am finding that there are not a lot of footpaths where I would like them to be, quite a few going across but not many going up and down. So I have had to be using roads again. I try and use B roads, but as the day went on today, time was running out and I have to estimate how long it will take me to get to my destination. I chose to come down the A167 joining it at Great Smeaton, this being the most direct route. It meant walking along the grass verge for a few miles, but if I had gone in a more roundabout route I would have done more miles and it would have taken longer. I checked in here at 5.30pm,  
My stopover last night was a few miles north of Darlington so I spent the first couple of hours walking through it, and out the other side. A typical brown tourist information sign. 
Oh wow, this building is a bit bright, bet the kids love it though.

 This is just across the road from the children's nursery. Don't know what it is, but isn't the architecture beautiful.

I went round the inner ring road, past the railway station, and out of Darlington on the road to Neasham, passing the football ground.

I had to be careful choosing a route on the minor roads because I needed to cross the River Tees as it twists and turns, and there aren't many bridges. The footpath does a left turn at High Sockburn over this rickety bridge to Girsby on the other side. 
I came down the track at the top of the picture, over the bridge and up the hill on the other side. I was relieved to find the bridge, it would have been a disaster if it wasn't there.

Mile after mile I trekked, watching the coundown signs to Northallerton. I hit this sign at 5pm. Passing an industrial area I found a hotel on my right, it was 5.30pm. Time to stop.

I was lucky with the weather today. It didn't look very promising at the start, misty and claggy, but at least it didn't rain, and it brightened up this afternoon. I haven't seen Northallerton yet, I'll walk through it in the morning. I think I ought to mention that this trip is more about testing my stamina, a challenge to see if I can do the whole distance. I'm sorry there aren't more pictures, I only snap what I see when passing through. It's not very comfortable to combine sightseeing with carrying a big backpack, with sore feet. All I want to do at the end of the day is to get into a room and get my boots off. I don't carry any other footwear with me.

Now I'm going to check the maps and work out which direction I will be going in tomorrow, to give me the best chance to find the next bed.

Saturday night telly is worse than in the week, why are all those people jumping up and down in their seats, clapping and cheering at two silly men acting daft? Bloomin nuts if you ask me.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Have a nice Sunday.
Toodle pip


  1. Great photos and you're right, Saturday night TV is awful! Enjoy your trip :)

  2. Sounds more like an endurance test ! But if its about walking so be it. x

  3. hi Ilona, glad the weather fared up. We went out cycling today but not over Darlo way. The path we usually use to get there would have been awful after the rain.
    I can tell you how we would ride to York. We would head along the A167 to Topcliffe and then minor roads to Brafferton and then down through Linton on Ouse and on the cycle path into York. You would probably get accommodation in Boroughbridge. Don't know if this is useful or not but good luck for the weather tomorrow

  4. Well done Ilona I don't know how you do it.I'm about 10 years younger than you are I think.I have'nt got your stamina.Use it or lose it as the saying goes I suppose.Your'e out there living life.Enjoy your evening relaxing unless you're out clubbing Hope the sun shines on you tomorrow x

  5. Ilona:

    Pleased you have a decent place to sleep and I do hope you get a good breakfast. Take care.


  6. Stunning building. Lovely area and good thing you did find the bridge or...up for a swim? ;) Thanks for letting us tag along.

  7. I think this is an amazing undertaking Ilona, I don't think I could do it, the longest I have walked is about ten miles in a day and there's no way I'd have had the stamina to do it day after day. I totally admire your intrepid attitude, esp at this time of the year when the weather can be so grotty. Good luck for tomorrow, hope the sun comes out for you, and thanks for the great pics. I agree, Sat. tv is dire, I've been watching some 60s comedy on youtube instead.

  8. Ilona i think you are pushing yourself to hard, please slow, your pace is amazing though.x

  9. Everything looks lovely! I like seeing all the sights since i may never cross that way. On your last post you showed all the food that was offered. What a spread! We don't get that much at our hotels.
    I hope the blisters heal and you have a fabulous walk! (After a good nights rest.)

  10. Hi , the yellow building used to be Thornley's pram shop, it also sold children's clothes and toys, the building across from it was a comprehensive school until the early 80's, part of it then became the registry office although I'm not sure if it still is, it is still in council use though.
    We usually watch something on catch up on a Saturday evening as the offerings are awful.

  11. Thumbs up for you. Walking this way can be rather difficult now and then. But you keep soldiering on. Great! We keep cheering you on. Mak

  12. Goodness me,'ll be getting a taste for these smart hotels! You have incredible stamina. Twenty miles! I do admire you. X

  13. The building you liked in Darlington used to be a school in years gone by, but now houses the local social services department.

  14. I'm reading your progress every day and thankfully you manage to find somewhere to sleep every night; hopefully getting value for money. Good luck for Monday and keep on trucking/trudging along :)

  15. Great pictures Ilona. I don't have a television but was at my friends on Saturday night and she had the telly on-what rubbish! Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Jules x


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