Tuesday, 7 March 2017

York to Shiptonthorpe

Hello. Here we are on day six, and another 21 miles done. I am hoping that day seven will be the last day, I am hoping I can manage the 20 miles to the Humber Bridge, my finishing point. I've taken my mind off to other places today, there has been some long straight roads. It's better that I distract myself and try and ignore my sore feet. In my head I have been remembering times gone by, the people I have worked with, the jobs I have done, even past boyfriends have come to mind. I wonder what they are doing now. Pity I didn't have a ghost writer by my side, making notes, it would make a good story.
Distraction works for me, I love to push negative thoughts away, and look at the positives. Even thinking about not so good things that have happened to me, or mistakes I have made, can be turned around. There is plenty of time to think on a long walk. 
Breakfast this morning was a rather noisy affair, the Youth Hostel was full of teenagers, some of them came on a coach from Belgium. This made a bit of a queue to get served . I sat and people watched. 
The hostel is on the side of the river, so I set off along the footpath to the city centre. It was a gloriously sunny morning. There were rowers out on the water, plenty of dog walkers, people jogging, mums with kids, it was lovely. 
The pleasure boats are being prepared for the days work.

I left the river and walked around part of the castle wall, and carried on out of York on the A1079. It's a busy road so as soon as I was past the ring road I took off to the right on the B1228, which was not quite so busy. When I got to Elvington I sat for a few minutes and wriggled my toes out of my boots. I was a bit annoyed that I hadn't packed shorts, there have been days when trousers were too hot. Today I could stand it no more. I did think about cutting the bottoms off, but decided to roll them up to just above the knee. That's better.

Over the bridge just past Elvington.

And into Sutton upon Derwent. I thought this was funny to advertise the Beer Festival outse the church.

The Pocklington Canal was going in the right direction so I thought this would make a change from the road. Oh dear, ten minutes of stumbling over clumps of grass and molehills I came to a section that was completely flooded. Nothing for it but to turn around and go back to the road. Time was getting on and I couldn't afford to waste any if I was to get finished by 5pm. 
When my feet are sore I find it easier walking on tarmac, I can make good progress by lengthening my strides. I stopped when I was in Melbourne and rang a possible B & B, the answer machine was on so I left a message. Twenty minutes later the owner rang me and said she had got a room. I now had to quicken my pace knowing that I had a destination to reach.

There was a place on the map called Scamland, shame there was no sign for it on the roadside. Just at that point at the junction was a very big haulage and farm machinery yard and warehouse. These characters made me smile. The strange things you don't expect to see. I walked in to get a close up. I've just had a look at their web site and sadly they don't have these two on it.

More long stretches of walking, upping the pace, past Everingham and finishing at Shiptonthorpe near Market Weighton at 5.30pm. I have a lovely room, relaxing with my feet up. There is only me and two other guests here, the owner doesn't live on the premises. She is coming to pick me up in the morning for breakfast at her other guest house a mile away.

And then the push for home begins.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. All I can say is you are one amazing woman. Stay safe and thank you for sharing some of your experiences along the way. Ranee (MN)USA

  2. Well done Ilona...You are an inspiration.

  3. Cor,don't know how you do it.Another great day.Love the sumo characters.The dog reminds me of my Scruff when I brush his backside.- We're all behind you Ilona sending our love and best wishes to help you on your way tomorrow- nearly there x

  4. I have never comented on your posts about your travels, but always read them. I have never been to this part of the UK and you make it seem so interesting and I love seeing the quirky things you come across on your travels like the sculptured man and dog. One of my favourite pastimes when out, is people watching. I find it fascinating. Take care and look after those feet.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. Fantastic Ilona you have done yourself proud, well done lady.x

  6. I'm with Ranee! Another lovely church. I could spend my days drifting up and down the river. :)

  7. You are amazing! I have so enjoyed reading of your travels, seeing the photos too. All the best for the last day. Go Ilona!😊

  8. Well done, good to see your post, I was getting worried as we had not heard from you.
    Thank you for the pictures, I so enjoy them.
    Good luck for tomorrow, Go Ilona.
    Pam in Texas.xx

  9. Maybe a little recorder next time? I so wish I might have captured more of my parents stories. I am truly inspired to get my feet gear.

  10. Glad you found a b&b for the night. Hope you get a good day of weather tomorrow and can sleep in your own sweet bed. You must be very stubborn to push on with your feet hurting. Not sure many would. Take care on that last stretch.

    Oh did you get a good breakfast at the Y?


    1. Yes, Sandy, always a good breakfast at the YHA

  11. Another great walking adventure. I hope you have an enjoyable evening and a safe homecoming.

  12. Thank you again for keeping us posted on your trip! Glad you made it safely and another day of long long long walks! I am amazed at your ability to walk so far!

  13. More lovely pictures, looks like a fab day!

  14. Well done Ilona and good luck with the final stretch. I'm glad you've taken care and treated yourself to some decent hotels. Do be careful and don't overdo it. Injuries to your feet can be very painful and difficult to treat. Kristel

  15. What an amazing effort Ilona. You will have such a great sense of achievement when you get to the Humber. Hope the weather is kind for your final push.
    jacquie x

  16. This walk sounds as though it has been very therapeutic for you in more ways than one. I will tell you this, you've inspired many of us to rethink the way we spend our time and to get out there and get more exercise. Not many people have had an impact on me but you have. I mean that, Ilona. Thanks for sharing your life and times.

  17. York was one of our favorite places when we visited. We walked and walked, loving everything about it. At the end of the day, I checked my phone and we had walked over 9 miles. I was SO exhausted - I don't know how you do it - over 20 miles!! You ARE amazing! Jackie

  18. Iona,
    you are my hero. Seriously.

    Ever since I was young I can remember dreaming (both while awake and asleep) of doing massive long walks (all over the world) like you are. Have a bit of trouble with my muscles, and so it is not likely I will ever get to accomplish this (now in middle age). But, I have enormously enjoyed reading of your adventures (and I do keep researching for ways to improve).

    Thank you so very much, for sharing your journey(s).

  19. sorry the canal tow path was flooded but we did have a lot of rain overnight. When I was out cycling today I saw lots of flooded fields. Hope tomorrow isnt too wet and you get home safe. Hugs B

  20. Try soaking your feet in a bowl of water with some tea tree oil, Ilona. A small bottle costs a couple of quid but it's amazing stuff. I use it on my hands when I've been gardening and by the next morning all the scratches and the prickles from the roses feel much better. You've made great progress. Well done once again!


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