Thursday, 27 July 2017

Start of a new picture

Hello. A bit late tonight, just back from my walk, I'm on 703 miles now, whooopeeee. Hope you are all still plodding along. I've made a start on another needle felting picture, I did think I might make a wet felt picture but I'm not sure now. There will be a lot of stitching for sure. Thanks to the kind blog reader who sent the bundle of felt and wool, I have more colours to play with now. I've layered shades of bluey greeny purpley, this is going to be a sea bed picture. 
It's 16.5 by 12.5 inches. It's early days but I have some ideas.

More skip diving has taken place. Spotted these louvre doors in pretty good nick. I have cleaned them up, maybe they could be painted, I'll find a new home for them.

I've had my first quarterly bill from my new suppliers Ebico/RHE. Not strictly new because I was with them when they partnered SSE. I chose to stay with Ebico after the split, because they have a zero standing charge, ideal for me as a low user. Nevertheless they have managed to cockup. I have been entering my meter readings on my online account but the electricity side has not been registering in the history. I emailed them about it and they said it is fine. The bill they sent me has an estimated number, wildly over estimated. I checked my online account today and all the readings are now showing, so why they have estimated it I do not know. Email has been sent pointing out that they have the readings, and please send a new bill.

I'm going on a little jolly soon, to Cleveleys near Blackpool. I will take the little computer but I may not have time to write up a report. I will be too busy partying with my best friend Carol. There might be some walking as well so I'll take the boots and I have borrowed a map from the library. If it rains we will stay in.

Time for bed. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I luv the sea bed-Jacques Coustou and all that.I know someone who has Louvre doors like your recent rescues who has them in their kitchen on one wall for storage-it looks great.Have a fun girlie time with your friend Carol.My girl cousins and myself are like kids again when we meet up x

  2. My hubby deals with all our bills,and wont move...however much i ask him to consider other options...i havent got a clue cause i have never dealt with paying the gas n elec. bills.We have been married nearly 42 years,and the last time i paid one of these bills,was about 32 years ago when it was over the counter payments.I know that my clever Grandkids would help me if needed!!..I love your new felting pic of the seabed,it will be so relaxing to look at,Best Wishes,Debi,Leic,x

  3. The doors...are they for the summer house!? They would be so lovely for it.

    Interested in seeing how your new felting project turns out.

  4. My home town Cleveleys, You will love it. Look out for the Ogre in the sea and his ore on the prom.

  5. I love your new picture. Being in the US, I'm a bit confused when you speak of your utilities. Here in southern California (and Washington state, too) we don't have any choices for utility companies. The area you live in is serviced by only one company for that utility; Gas, water or electric. I have only one water company, one has company and one electric company. And there are no other choices. unfortunately, we have to pay whatever they ask. Pat

  6. I love the way you go skip diving and end up with such useful finds. We rarely ever come across a skip in my area, and if we do, it is always full of bricks, plaster and broken items, just rubbish. Jean.

    1. Hi Jean!,Even if there is only 6 bricks,they are worth bringing home!,You can make a plant stand out of them or add to what you have already got.I love bricks!,lol,I have even used Brick affect wall paper to fill up the gaps in my kitchen which sadly died in a few places last year!,Debi,Leic,x..Ps...the wallpaper was...erm samples i got from B and M.Well got to make use of them somehow!,x

  7. Have a good time away; sometimes it's nice to just have fun, so you should be let off blogging if you don't have time for it!


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