Friday, 10 November 2017

Lunch and dinner, and sewing

Hello. Here's a spooky photo for you. Looking out of my back window at 6.30am, my reflection in the glass, with a light coming from the side. Pretty cool eh!
My lunch today was cobbled together. I haven't got much food left in the fridge. Watercress, tomato, egg, beetroot, and Quorn nuggets.

Sewing today, I need to make a few things to sell at the Christmas Fair. Small size bunting, the flags are double sided, sewn onto white ribbon.

Need to make shopping bags. I don't have much suitable fabric left for this, but I will dig deep into my stash. Three blue ones made today.

I am also low on cat food so I went to town this afternoon. I've been putting it off for as long as I can, don't much like going to town on the run up to Christmas. There is no dry Ultima cat food left, none to be had, so I've bought two bags of something else, let's see if they will eat it. Needed to get Sheba for Heidi, and Felix for Garcia. I popped into the small Asda while I was there, got a few yellow stickers, a cheap salad for my dinner tonight. There's enough for lunch tomorrow as well. No yellow stickers in Morrisons. I picked up a few things from Aldi as well. Can't be bothered to do a big shop.

I didn't see Mr beardy today, but I saw Mrs Beardy out with the dog. I confessed I had been rather taken by her hubbys whiskers and was chatting him up. She laughed, and said she is not keen. Apparently he grows them every year for Movember. It's a fundraising event to raise money for men's health. The idea is to grow a moustache, but Mr Beardy has gone the whole hog and has stopped shaving. I have known them both for a while, and their two boys. Sometimes the eldest boy walks the dog. So it's all above board, we have a laugh, but his beard definitely suits him.

Thanks for popping in, have a nice weekend, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Movember has been quite the thing over here for the past number of years - it was kind of funny seeing all the different moustaches suddenly appearing on colleagues and seeing tons more on the subway down to the office - it gets quite competitive by the end of the month! Most do shave right afterwards (I don't really like moustaches or beards) - but some do look good.

  2. You've had a great day again Ilona.Very atmospheric picture-I saw a rainbow this morning in a grey sky.I love the bunting and bags you made for the cats.I have a scarf similar.Yesterday I helped by putting hats on top of preserves ready for a Christmas fayre.You are such a tease Ilona about Mr Beardy-I expect when it comes to him shaving it off he may be reluctant knowing he has an admirer and good luck to his charity too x

  3. A productive and interesting day - live your pics x

  4. Your salads always look so good - mine, however, look like a few leaves on a plate. Natalie

  5. Meant to say,
    that photo at the top (you/window/etc) looks marvellously artistic.

    I think you should try a series of these, and sell them...I bet they would SELL

  6. Hi, Ilona. I was going to say that Movember is a big event here in Canada, but one of your readers from Toronto has already filled you in on this. My husband has a moustache and goatee beard all year long, and it suits him. My grown sons get right into Movember and seem to relish it. One is a corporate manager, one a certified electrician, and one works in Christian ministry. I think it has a lot to do with saving time by not shaving that is part of the appeal. The big health issue that started it all here was prostate cancer awareness. Mary Jane in Canada.


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