Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wood and wool

Hello. I spent ages making a video this morning, set it to upload on yooootoooob, hours later it was still only 50% done, so I gave up with it. It wasn't that good anyway, hadn't got the camera positioned right . I'll have another go. 
I decided to make four more shopping bags, then do my walk, then see Stan at the library. I missed him last week, completely forgot about it. Today I had a clear out and took all my books back, and started afresh. Because they don't get date stamped I lose track of how long I've had them. It's a good job Stan doesn't bother with the fines, he always renews them when they are about to go overdue. We can have 20 books off the van, and keep them for eight weeks. Any books taken out of the town centre library only have three weeks on them, but Stan will always renew them so we can keep them longer. 
I've finished this little bit of felting. I made it specifically for this piece of driftwood. I wondered how to fix the felting to the wood, don't like using glue, double sided sticky tape might have done it, and this morning I woke up with an idea, I could nail them together. The wood is soft so small nails would go in easily. 
I knocked them in with a little bit of the head sticking out, then wound some thin wire around all of them, then knocked the nails right in, trapping the wire. Bingo, just the job. 
I like the idea of mixing the softness of the wool with the hard nails and wire. That's just the unusual combination I was looking for.

The wire came out of something electrical that I took apart. Can't remember what it was, but there is always something interesting to re use from broken gadgets.

A piece of stronger wire on the back for hanging.

And there we have it, a cute little wall hanging. Now ready to start another project, or finish one I have already started but not got round to finishing.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Is that your alternative yule log Ilona -very natural and rustic and much nicer than all that plasticy stuff in the shops x

    1. I thought that too Flis.Its got a very ...Christmasy look about it.Lovely piece Ilona!,Debi,x

  2. I really like that! What a beautiful piece of wood!

  3. That is the best bit of Art I've seen in a long while so good.

  4. Yes I agree I like this piece too.

  5. That's very good of Stan. I lost track of my library books for just a couple of weeks and the fine was £23. Okay, my fault but I could only pay cash or cheque despite it being a brand new council building with facilities to pay council tax etc via a card machine - was right in front of me. The lady at the 'help' desk was so horrible to me that I went back with cash and handed my card back. I've been a library user and supporter for 55 years. Devastated....wish I had a 'Stan'.

  6. I do like the stitching and little pearls, very pretty. Jean.

  7. Very clever ... and, just lovely! I really like the juxtaposition of the fiber and the wood :) Chris M


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