Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Love my boots

Hello there. There's been a bitterly cold wind today, despite it being sunny A couple of times it went dark as black clouds blew over, and we had heavy snow falling, Very strange. 
My friend Helen came round for coffee and catch up chat this morning. She has been a bit tied up over the last few weeks, Henry choc lab has been very poorly and needed extra attention. Sadly a week ago he took a turn for the worse and nothing else could be done, it was kinder to let him go. You may remember I used to walk Henry a lot when he was younger, staying at their house while they went on holiday, and having him here on doggy day care. Here is a link to a blog post from July last year, we thought he wouldn't have very long then, but he made it into 2018. Little Angus in one of the photo's died a few months ago, and Rocky is pictured in this post as well. Looking back at some of the good times we had. Guinness black lab is still with us. Rest in peace dear Henry, and Rocky, and Angus. 
I like to see my boots ready to go. I braved the cold and  cleaned and polished them outside on the garden table. The pair on the left are old and leak, so can only be worn when it's guaranteed not to rain. I've been wearing them on dry days to do my three miles, they are so comfy like slippers. The middle pair are fine to wear in all weathers, I've had them for about three years. And the pair on the right are the newest pair and are best for long distance multiday walks. They are wider fitting and comfortable. They cost me £100, the others were £70 a pair. The boots underneath the bench are what I wear locally, going to town, and generally pottering around.  
 I don't have any women's style shoes any more, I gave up with them, can't find any that are comfortable. In the summer I wear trainers all the time. If my feet are comfortable then I'm happy, I'm not going to suffer for the sake of fashion or following a trend.

Hey, look what has sprung up in my garden, some of those feathery things. I love these. My friend Barry has a massive big bush of them in his garden, well over six feet tall. I am always jealous of them. Lo and behold I now have some. Amazing isn't it, ha ha.

I'm off to watch a few vids on the toooob. Scott o Connor the wood artist has a new one out, have you seen it? His art work just gets better and better, I am a big fan. I need to go on ITV catchup as well, there is a programme about the best walks in Britain. Something to get excited about.

Don't forget it's check in time tomorrow for the Walking Group. Let us know your miles. I just made it to 84 this afternoon, so let's see how you have all done.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Did you know those feathery things (Pampas grass) is a banned plant in Australia? If you have them growing in your garden even by mistake, you are served a notice and have a certain time to remove them before you are hammered! Have you tried Ecco walking sandals? Really comfortable.

  2. Love your boots Ilona, you can't beat comfy footwear. My employer tried to lump another 7 hours a week on me today but I said no. I work 15 hours and enjoy it, don't need extra hours or extra cash. Plus as I only have my state pension I get taxed on every penny I earn. Those grasses are pampas grass...years ago they used to be planted in suberban gardens as a signal to swingers lol!!!! You might like to trim them back😁😁😁!!

  3. There’s something comforting about seeing your fave footwear all lined up. I only wear sneakers and like seeing mine do the very same.

  4. good boots/comfortable boots are so important, especially for "You Who Walks"....

    re those feathery thngs, you might laugh at me, but I grinned when I read it, as I thought you were teasing...I thought they were fake...Interesting to hear they are real..-----Anyone know what they are called?

  5. When i was a kid in the 60s,my mam used to have pampas grass in a old huge glass bottle,in our living room.She used to spray it with hair spray so it did not drop and to keep it lasting!My walking boots are my £1 pound Wrangler boots,got in a charity shop..I will keep them forever,cause they are so comfy.So very sorry about your losses,It is heartbreaking,...but i hope that they are all running and playing together over that Rainbow Bridge,Debixx

  6. I'm sorry to hear about gorgeous Henry.But as he wouldn't get better again it was a kindness & a loving thing to do.Those grasses I thought for a moment were shamans feathers x

  7. 1- it's always been a matter of pride that my walking boots cost more than my wedding dress (and was better value )
    2- don't be tempted to set fire to pampas burns like b******y

    Rose x

  8. I like to wear men’s boots. The toe box is wider for those of us with bunions. I can usually find something at the thrift store for my purposes. I don’t walk as much as you.

  9. When my dad died in 1995, he was the first family member to be cremated (his choice). After the "ceremony" at the Crematorium we stopped outside to view the few flowers which had been left by family and friends. Right next to Dad's were flowers for a man who must have been a better. There was a floral horse, the tail was created by layered pampas grass and the dedication read " Keep on Backing Those Winners!"
    It was the first time I saw pampas grass and an amazing moment.

  10. Keep your eye on the pampas grass Ilona as they grow to a huge size. xx

  11. I'm with you Ilona. Happy feet, happy life.

  12. Yes always have comfy feet. My dear Mother used to say if your feet are uncomfortable it shows on your face!! I also like to
    think of all my past cats and dogs in heaven (or wherever) enjoying good health again. SueM

  13. Entirely agree, buy and wear the most comfortable and toughest shoes you can get. My grandfather, who survived the trenches in WW1 and a travelling life thereafter swore that you should always wear shoes you could walk home in.

    I am claiming 91 miles as I am doing this on a four weekly basis, it works better with my diary and gives me some spare to catch up if I fall behind. One 11 mike cycle ride, the rest were proper walks or jogs. It’s been horrendously wet and cold in Somerset, every time I go out I have to dry, clean and then polish my shoes/boots. I cannot walk in wellies, there is not enough support but they are great in the garden.

    All the best


  14. My post on Pampass Grass is a bit late Ilona but did you know it was all the rage in the 70s in the UK and the saying goes that if it was planted in your front garden for all to see were a swinger....thought that would make you laugh. Rae x

  15. Do come and visit Norwich one day,its an interesting city.


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