Thursday, 18 July 2019

Button it.

Here's another board wot I have made. I have quite a lot of buttons, most of them oddments, some of them I have bought. Arrange them into a flower shape, mark the holes with a map pin. Poke right through to the back and wriggle the pin so the hole is big enough for a needle and thread to pass through. Wire on the top to hang it. 
Keep it neat on the back, tie off the ends. 
Make sure the stitching is neat.

I quite like this one. Next...…… playing with washers now, see how that goes. Experimenting with materials and layouts. Trying to keep it simple and not over think things. Sometimes less is more. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Interesting. You've been having lots of fun adventures lately. It is always nice to come here and have a catch up. Best to you and I hope you enjoy the rest of summer as well.

  2. Those are beautiful buttons around the big blue one!
    Another cute craft.

  3. "Less is more" is especially true with buttons, I think. I've seen large button art and it's just Too Many Buttons. And I love buttons! Yours is a much better size.

  4. Ive always loved playing with buttons ever since I was a kid.I alawys cut the buttons off my clothes,when they are no longer wearable and go in my rag bag.I have a jar of them in my kitchen and have used them for lots of different things,even the middle of my plastic bottle flowers have them which I glue on when Ive finished painting the flowers.This year I am re painting the flowers and buttons Lavender.I intend on hanging them on a huge ivy type plant that has attached its self to the side of my house and grows right up to the bathroom a Wisteria effect,lol.Well it will look better than just green!xx

    1. I forgot to mention earlier,that an old friend of mines ex husband had got a phobia about buttons.She used to say that he was terrified of them!xx


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