Friday 29 November 2019

Sum pics of wot I saw at Harrogate

After lunch we all split up and went our different ways. I find these kind of events are best attended solo, because no two people are going to look at the same things together all day. I prefer to wander free and not have to worry about losing someone. We arranged to meet up at 4pm. 

The Embroiderers Guild had a large display area at the Knit and Stitch Show, almost the whole room to themselves. There were a lot of small canvases with amazing works on them. Click on one picture for a slide show.

Plenty of quilts to drool over. This one was massive 
How long must it have taken to put in all that detail.

Time to browse and inspect the detail.

One hall had a lot of textile art pieces, which I found interesting. Someone posted a picture of these large people on the Textile Artists site. Amazing to see them in the flesh ;o) They are body suits big enough for a human to get inside. There was a video showing of one of them dancing about on a lawn.

I quite like this idea. Jen Cable adds stitching and textiles to pieces of tree bark. You can see some of her other work here. 

That's it for now. I have things to do. Catch you tomorrow.  ilona


  1. Some amazing talent, very impressed, wish I had half the talent. Like you when I go to these things I prefer to be by myself, gives me the freedom to linger or not as I please. Everyone is different no right or wrong x

    1. It was nice to have the company on the journey, an hour and a half each way, have lunch together, and nice to discuss afterwards.

  2. Thanks for the trip Ilona I enjoyed my day out! (Ha ha) I haven't been to a big craft show for years, used to go to similar in Melbourne, about an hour and 40 minutes away regularly.

  3. Wonderful work, I agree I like to go around on my own but have a coffee and chat for awhile. I am very lucky I enjoy my own company most times.
    I have done a couple of classes with the embroiders guild paid for has presents from my family.

    Hazel c uk

  4. Wow, how wonderful, the photo's are fab! I have had a good look at them while drinking my coffee. Thanks so much for sharing. Such talent!

  5. I have won art and handwriting competitions, yet visiting an art gallery on a day in a city would be the last thing on my mind .... some people are funny ��. Eamon, Ireland.

  6. Amazing work! So many wonderful, inspiring ideas! I am sure your creative mind must be so excited! I wouldn't know where to begin but it is fabulous to see such talent! Thanks so much for the photos, can't wait to see more!

  7. I love seeing this exhibit, thanks


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