Monday, 23 December 2019

Spiralling out of control

Not a lot to write about at the moment. Crafty Club this morning, Not quite as many there as people are prepping for Christmas. My friend is back from her holidays so I went and had a coffee with her. The plumber came this afternoon to fix my broken toilet, the mechanism inside the cistern had come adrift from the handle. Luckily I have two toilets. He quickly sorted it out, and I am back to flushing again as opposed to chucking jugs of water down it. He is the best plumber in the village. He didn't charge me for the quick repair because he has had a few jobs from the recommendations I have given people by passing his number on. What a nice man he is. Only 13 miles left to do on the walking challenge, and eight days to do it. Easy. 
This is what I am playing with at the moment. I'm cutting strips of felt, 1cm wide, 20cm long, and wrapping them into spirals. I'm making them different sizes so some of the lengths are 30 and 40 cm long. Most are two colours, and I'm also experimenting with three colours. 
They can be squished into odd shapes.

Just playing at the moment, not sure how it will turn out. I shall probably wake up one morning with an idea. These things take time. 

That's all for now. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Spiraling out of control...when I saw the title,I thought that you were referring to the people panic buying in the shops at the moment,lol.It was really nice of the plumber to come and do the job for free.That never happens to me!.They rub their chin,suck on their teeth,make a few grunts and tell me that will be £100..just to make it a nice round number cause it should be £109 lol.Anyway,I think that your spirals are coming on lovely.Looking forward to seeing what the end result will be!,xx

  2. They look like wonderfully coloured swiss rolls! Happy Christmas Ilona.

  3. Good evening Ilona just wanted to wish you and all the lovely walkers best wishes for Christmas and the new year, I am heading off to a family occasion several states away and internet connection will be dodgy,my miles this month currently at 40 miles and I am sure I will do more but temperatures in the high 30's will be tricky.

  4. Your spirals are very attractive and look forward to the finished product.

    Have a nice Christmas Ilona and thank you for the interesting posts..
    Hazel c uk

  5. Happy Christmas to you Ilona and all the readers here. Let's hope for good health, peace and kindness for 2020 (a big ask I know, but let's hope!).xx

  6. Happy Christmas Ilona and to your puddy cats xx

  7. Its just about to turn midnight,so Happy Christmas to you Ilona and every one on here!.Hope that you all have a lovely day,xx


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