Monday 30 March 2020

Jamming with the greatest.

Brian May, possibly the best guitarist in the world, (maybe joint best with Eric Clapton), isolated at his home, giving free shows and tutorials, how cool is that. He can't get into his studio, but has a few electrical bits and bobs with him to demonstrate his craft.

In this little clip he asks that people join him on this jamming session, so if you have a musical instrument handy have a go. Check out his other videos for instruction on how to play like Brian.

Eighteen years since this amazing moment happened. Not many musicians can say they played on the roof of Buckingham Palace.

This country has produced some fantastic musicians over the years, I'm glad I was around to enjoy them.

Did a six mile walk today, spoke to no one. I did see a strapping young man wearing shorts, with a child carrier on his back. His little girl seemed to be enjoying her ride with daddy. I thought, good for you.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Hello Ilona. I am an avid follower of your blog and indeed have entered your 100 mile walking challenge. You mention at the end of your latest article that you went for a six mile walk - how long did that take you? I was under the impression that we should only be out for exercise for a maximum of an hour or less once a day. also what about things like gates/stiles etc. and the possibility of transferring the virus or even catching it?

    best wishes. stay safe - Jillbe

    1. I walk at 3mph, that's about average for a brisk walk, so two hours. I haven't seen anything about a limit on the time. There are no gates or stiles where I walk, all open fields and tracks. I don't touch anything.

  2. It sounds like your weather was better than mine lots of rain and cold wind today. We had our singing class done by video it was good fun. I rang my brother and a friend who we met when we were 10 she is still in the same house 72 years ago, we are so different in lots of ways but have kept in touch all this time. Hope it gets warmer I want to get into the garden.
    Hazel c uk🌈🌈🌈

    1. It was very cold and windy, Hazel, but thankfully no rain. I was well wrapped up with a big jacket and a furry hood fastened down with a scarf over my head.

  3. Finally getting some nice autumn weather here so outside as much as I can be. It's not as if we are going to have unexpected guests,the housework can wait until later in the week when cold and rain predicted. It must be lovely to have a musical talent,lucky for us so many share.


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