Tuesday, 2 June 2020

The garden on a summer evening.

Here is a little video I made last night. Welcome to my garden. It was gone 9pm, no background noise. Sometimes I can hear traffic noise, or the wind in the trees, but it's all quiet in the evening.

It's been a real hot one today, I attempted some hedge trimming in the garden but had to give up after half an hour, I was sweltering. I took Billy dog out at 6pm when it had cooled down. So I've been figuring out what to do with the three wooden spoons on the new artwork. I've cracked it, a brilliant idea came to me. I might show you a picture.

Thanks to the Walking Group members who have checked in. It's good to know the miles are going up up up. If you haven't done it yet you can go back to that page at any time.

Now I fancy a hot chocolate, haven't had one for ages.
We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.


  1. Your garden is lovely and those hedges are really impressive!
    Today the woodpeckers have been very busy for some reason and this afternoon while working in the kitchen I watched either a hawk or a peregrine falcon (we have both and I'm never sure which is which) circling for ages - he seemed to be going after some smaller birds but then other smaller ones seemed to fly right at him quite aggressively - it was fascinating to watch!

  2. I love to hear bird song. I like to sit out until about 10pm when it's been a hot day and listen to the birds. Very relaxing.

  3. How lovely to see your garden, it's a very peaceful time of night isn't it ... and yes, the birds ALWAYS stop when you try and capture their song on film ... haha.

    I really NEED to know what you did with the spoons!!

  4. Your garden is lovely to look at so much to see and interesting. It was nice to see your craft things. My daughter gave me a lot of CDs and I would love to put them on an unused tree. The weather has change a lot cooler but means more can be done. Thank you for a few new in my garden. Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  5. I love your beautiful garden. So many colours and unusual things round every corner. And very peaceful too. I was trying to work out what bird was singing near the end, but wasn't sure! Thank you for such a lovely video x

  6. Hi I love your garden and summer house sp much colour. I must your channel again as I had to get a new laptop. My tablet is acting up and on the blink. Thanks you for the video I love hearing birdsong


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