Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Chesterfield Canal walk.

Hello. I will divide the photo's up of yesterdays walk, too many to put on one blog post. I parked my car next to the Church at Shireoaks just outside Worksop. I am tending to make a decision on doing a walk a day or two before, depending on the weather, not planning these in advance. The church is quite close to Shireoaks Railway Station, with the canal next to it. They both run alongside each other to Kiverton Park Station. This is the board at the entrance to the canal. 
At first I headed off towards Worksop because I wanted to see the Marina. I think some of these will be permanent moorings. There are a row of sheds behind some of the boats, and lots of planters dotted about. 
The bridge over in the left had corner you see there is where the boats come in off the canal. 

I took this shot to show how close together they are parked. I am not sure I would like to live that close to my neighbours. 

I carried on a bit further along the canal towards Worksop. The first lock I came to. 
The people chatting over there and blocking the path, are oblivious to me waiting for them to disperse. Four people and two dogs. I was getting fed up so I started to edge my way towards them, hoping that they would realise why I was waiting. It was only when another couple came along and walked ahead of me, that they then broke up and moved on. I saw that couple later on further up the canal, and had a lovely conversation with them, not blocking anyone and keeping our distance. It can be done.  

When I had gone under the railway bridge near Worksop I decided to turn round and go back. At that point I was at the edge of my map, I don't want to wander along blindly. Most of the locks are in the other direction. 

Pretty cottages. The sign said, please walk quietly past our houses. 
The only boats I saw were moored up, Didn't see any moving at all. The canal looks very overgrown, and it is very narrow in places. I think it would be difficult to navigate. Perhaps most boaters would steer clear of it especially when it means going through so many locks in quick succession. 

This little family spotted me. There was a bench nearby, and I was ready for a sit down. Mummy swan brought her brood to where I was sitting. Ah well, I didn't get much of that cheese sandwich. What else have I got in the bag. No you can't have all my custard tart. They waited in anticipation. I shared that as well, they had the pastry, I had the filling. I think I had better save the crisps and biscuits for later. 

The start of many locks. 

Instructions for boaters on how to go through the locks. 

There was also a sign on how to go through a Treble lock. It gets complicated. 

After the locks there was a long and pleasant walk past Old Spring Wood, and Hawks Wood. It was like going through a tunnel with all the overhanging branches. I was glad to get out into the sunshine as I approached Kiverton Park Station. This path is part of the Cuckoo Way,  a long distance path of 46 miles long. Here is some more information.   I have a little video of this, I'll get it uploaded to the toooob. 

Time is getting on, and I want to get out into the garden. I'll be back tomorrow with a few more pics. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I lost myself in your lovely walk. Just for a while, I felt as though I was there. It must have been fantastic to be that close to Mummy swan and babies.

    1. She was almost eating out of my hand. I pulled back at the last second and dropped the morsel for her to reach it. I didn't want to lose a finger. She taught her babies well, they were plucking it out of the water.

  2. We discovered this section of the canal, with the locks ourselves a few weeks ago. What a gem! We only went in the direction of Kiveton to the top of the locks. I fancy getting the train from Kiveton and walking back to Shireoaks. I too photographed that noticeboard... or at least the clever yoga 'pick up your dog poo' bit. Did you also see the plaque on the sandwich shop opposite about the future King Edward VII buying a pork pie there? We had superb rolls with the egg mayonnaise freshly made, followed by the best millionaire's shortbread I've ever had. Especially appreciated your photo of the cygnets who were eggs when we visited.

  3. You do find some lovely places to walk!.Loved the cottages and the mammy swan and her babies are beautiful.xx


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