Saturday, 19 June 2021

It's arrived

The delivery driver was here within the one hour slot. Silly of me to think the small package would fit through the letter box. Not such a small package when it is wrapped, in a plastic bag. . . . . . 
and in a clean large padded jiffy bag folded over. I can re use this. 
Sealed in plastic. 
My new little gadget. Memory card reader. 
And it works. Yippppeeeee. 
I've been sorting out in the garage this afternoon. I put a pile of wood out on the front, free to take, various sizes, some of it a bit rough. I had a phone call from my sister, then went outside to see if anyone had taken any wood. Surprise surprise, it has all gone. Didn't expect that. Fantastic. 
I'm off for a village walk. Tatty byes. Ilona


  1. funnily enough there is currently a timber shortage due to Brexit and Covid

  2. Really pleased it arrived okay.

  3. That was a fast delivery!?Lucky you did stay home for it since it didnt fit in the mail box.


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