Tuesday, 29 June 2021

My turn now

 It's a rainy morning but I don't care. I'm going off to see the dentist today, the first check up in 19 months. It will be a new man who looks into my mouth, and by an amazing coincidence we could almost be related. His name is almost identical to my mothers first married name, only two letters difference. I look forward to meeting him. 

Yesterday I removed the wooden doors from the garage and took them to the tip. Had to saw each one into three pieces to fit them into the car. Someone is coming from an asbestos removal company tomorrow to survey the job and give me a price. They will take it all down and take it away. Yes it's costly but I have saved up for it. 

Now I'm going to have breakfast, then have a scrub up in the bath. Need to smell sweet when someone will be leaning over me. My friend has told me what to expect, she has visited her dentist during the restrictions. I had to complete the health check form online so that should shorten the time I will be there. I won't be going anywhere else, straight there and straight back. I don't do dawdling around shops any more. 

Cheerio for now. Catch ya later.   ilona 


  1. Hope that all goes well at the dentist.I must admit that due to a bad childhood experience I have gone only a few times in my life because I am terrified!Its a good job that I have been lucky with my teeth....watch me now get toothache!.I bet that was hard work sawing those doors.You have got a lot more stamina than what I have had in this last week.I cant seem to get my backside in gear!It has been rainy here in Leicester this morning and I got drenched going to my sisters house to feed her cats while she is away for a few days.Im going to get into the shower now,to try and liven my self up a bit.xx

    1. I had horrible experiences at the dentist when I was young, but somehow found the courage to go when I was in my early twenties, and have been going ever since.

  2. Good luck, let's hope you get the all clear.

  3. Wouldn’t two letters difference in a name mean it then isn’t the same name ilona?
    If I’m not mistaken I think you said your mum was German. A country I’ve been to and love…also love their craftsmanship.
    Don’t want them winning the footie today tho👍🏼

    1. My mum was German. I said, almost identical, not the same.


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