Saturday, 3 July 2021

Live Your Dreams

Blog land is a bit quiet at the weekends, so I'll post this and take the rest of the weekend off and away from the computer. My head is a little bit scrambled with all the information I am cramming into it. I need a break from the Research page so I will stop adding to that for a while. I might come back to it later. 
Much of what I read on the shit show, can I say that. or should I be posh and say current situation, coming from all parts of the world, is going round and round in circles. It all leads to the same outcome. Step by horrible step we are becoming robots. Individuality is frowned upon, anyone with a creative mind is supressed, anyone who questions the official narrative is silenced. Here is an article in The Independent which lays it out. The Government is launching a multi-front attack on freedom of expression in the name of national security. In a nutshell they want to cover up any secrets which may undermine their authority. I think they should be questioned every step of the way. Taxes pay for them, they are our servants. 
I have endeavoured to put together a lot of links to information which does not get reported in the main stream media. It's a bit of a push back if you like. Something else to think about. But my voice and that of many others like me are drowning in a sea of political correctness and negativity. Attempts to beat us into submission are working up to a point, but I am heartened to see that slowly people are waking up to what lies ahead. 
On a lighter note Rafi and Klee have just put out this video, Live Your Dreams. They have an exhibition on at the moment at Pensacola, at the Luna Fine Art Gallery. They are forever optimists and I love them for it. Have a look at his pictures and his profile. 
Garage news is that it is empty and ready to be taken down. My friend came round yesterday and helped with some of the work which needed more muscle power than I have got. Thank you Janet for the lend of your hubby. The date for removal is 4th of  August. I would like it gone before then and have said if they get a cancellation and can bring it forward to let me know. At least if they are busy they must be a reputable firm. 
I will say tatty byes for the weekend. Have a good one. Catch ya Monday. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Thank you for the Research page; all very interesting information. Unfortunately I have had some verbal abuse about my choice. However, on a brighter note, it is good news with your garage. Have a good weekend.

    1. I am often deleting abusive comments. Stick with it.

  2. I have just watched the video and I can understand just what he is saying!.I just wish that I could live like that!.Although there are quite a few things that I could change....We will never get this day back,so we should make the most of it!.Its very nice of your friends Hubby to come round and help you.Some times a bit of muscle is needed!.Although Aug 4th seems a long way away,the way the months are flying by it will soon come around.Toodle pip for now and I hope that you are having a lovely weekend.xx

  3. Thanks for sharing the film, that was a great start to my day. I shared the Independent article on Facebook, but not one comment, not one "like" or other reaction. I despair some days, but it doesn't stop me, I'm on my journey - with my eyes open. Keep on keepin' on...........

  4. What a wonderfull video and true words to follow your own lifepath and dreams.enjoy your weekend Ilona you and the fur babiesx

  5. Ilona so true
    Folk don't like hearing it But WE are being controlled AND people can't see it BUT many are waking up know ,, what's this over 60s being charged FOR prescriptions it's disgusting 😠
    Picking on people who's worked and saved all THERE life's, really gets my goat.. HAVE a nice sunday ilona ,, BIG LOVE Levi ❤

  6. I have been researching for well over a year now. Thankfully, more people are becoming aware. The article in the Indpendent is extremely worrying, although it does not surprise me. I liked the 'Live your Dreams' video.


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