Friday, 9 July 2021

Messing about on the river.

The weather looked promising yesterday, time to get the boots on for a walk, but where to go. I have several maps within an hours drive from here, I chose to head off over into Yorkshire not far from Selby. There are some villages around there. A short trip up the M181, M18, and the M62 motorways. 
First off I paid a visit to Barmby on the Marsh, and the Barmby Barrage. It's a junction where two rivers meet, the River Ouse and the River Derwent. The Barrage regulates the flow of water between them. I passed this way once before. When I checked it was the last day of my first long distance walk, it was ten years ago. I remember it well. Blog post here. Time flies.  

I have found this blog with more information. Christine writes about the waterways of the Humber. 
It's a fascinating piece of engineering. I would love to see a boat going through the lock, but I suspect they are few and far between. 
Across the other side of the water is Drax Power Station. 

I saw a notice on the gate as I drove into the car park. It would have been a good place to park and go for a walk, but the gates close at 4.30pm, and I might be back later than that, I didn't want to risk getting locked in. I thought a village would be best for parking so I went off in search of a suitable spot. 
I struggled to find anywhere. Wrestle would have been a good place, but no suitable parking. Oh well, I will drive to Howden and have a look round there. I picked up fuel  and went to a car park in the town. I would have paid the £1.40, but I don't like the car being squashed in a slot with the chance that people might not be so careful as they shunt about. Don't want to get the bodywork scraped. 
Plan B didn't work for me, so onto plan C. 
I arrived at the Marina at Goole. I will have a look around here. 
It's a very big Marina, a few people about, working on repairing a boat, washing hanging on the twirly driers, a group of neighbours sitting having a natter in the sun. Plenty of doors open. Some of them are permanent residents here, they have built little gardens next to their boats. 

Training is available if anyone is thinking of buying a boat. 

After a look around the Marina I went off to the town, passing the main docks where the big boats come in to load/unload. 

Ah well, plan C wasn't so bad after all, plenty to look at. I took the scenic route back from Goole, along the A161. No rush to get back. 

A good start for today's weather. I have things to do in the garden. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I would love to live on a houseboat in the Summer. Not sure about the Winter though.

    1. I think it would be a nice experience. Think of all the housework you don't have to do in comparison to living in a house.

    2. I have tried off grid living in a chalet I used to own in Leicestershire.No toilet..just a portaloo...not great having to empty every day,lol.No running water apart from the tap that was at the end of the field,which is where the proper toilets were.No electricity,I had to have old fashioned gas lights fitted,in case my torch ran out.In the winter the calor gas used to freeze in the pipes,so no heating or light!.My dog used to love it there though and that is the only reason I kept it.To get up and go to work was hard work....but now that I am retired I do wonder that I could have coped better!.xx

  2. Always good to have plans,a,b,c...although some days I could get half way through the alphabet,lol.Lovely photos and I always think that marinas are interesting places to walk around.Where I had my caravan,there was a marina and it was nice to chat to the boat owners..although a lot of them said it could be hard work there in the Winter.xx

    1. It's a good job that plan C worked, I didn't have any more ideas.


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