Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Easy shopping

It's nice to come downstairs in the morning and find the fridge is full of my essentials. It is comforting to know that I have a choice rather than scanning an empty fridge and thinking what the heck do I eat. 

The cupboard is rather full. I have more than I need at this moment in time, but at least I am prepared if fresh produce and dairy becomes scarce. Plenty of tins, packets, nuts and seeds.  
It is three weeks since I last went to Aldi. This shopping routine suits me fine. I no longer pop to the shops for this and that if I have forgotten anything. There was one other person in the store last night, and a couple of staff members tidying up. £65 spent in one fell swoop, and that included cat food as well. £40 spent at the Filling Station to top the car up with petrol.
The closer to Christmas it gets the shops get busier. I have always avoided that mad shopping frenzy anyway, ever since I gave up Christmas a few years ago. 
I've finished the latest picture so I'll post that up soon. I see that the 20 21 Arts Centre in town have an Open Exhibition coming up in the new year and they are inviting artists to submit work for the selection process. Three pieces can be submitted. I have three in mind for that, it would be nice if they chose one of mine. 
The weather is still very dull here, I long for the spring. We can but make the most of the time we have, no matter what is going on outside. 
Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I've just been out to the Post Office. It's very windy, and starting to rain. I think another storm is coming.

  2. I'm not venturing into the Christmas shopping scrum either, Ilona, and you are very well prepared for any shortages.
    Good luck with the art work exhibition, I do hope you get chosen as your work is so different and absolutely lovely.

    1. The shops are definitely to be avoided at this time of year. I don't like all the tat that has taken over. Can never find whet you really want.

  3. I really get why you make a lot of stew meals now ilona.ibmade a vegetable stew added a little red wine.it tasted great and lasted three days.perfect for cold windy days lol.i have made the two cats a campbed by the radiator they are loving it 😀

    1. Can't beat a bowl of hot stew or soup. Throw anything in it. Seasoning and spices. Red wine sounds nice.


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