Monday, 21 March 2022

Lets find the Pocklington Canal.

A mile or two out of Pocklington you come to the A1079, and Canal Head. This is the start of the canal. It was a lovely sunny day for a stroll. The grounds are well kept, grass mowed, parking area, and a picnic site with tables and benches. There is an information board, with free leaflets in a wooden box, help yourself.  
A lovely setting to start the walk. 

This is the first lock gate. I say gate as in singular, they usually come in pairs. 

Heading off down the well trodden tow path, this is the view ahead. As you can see the second lock gate has been removed and the water held back with a fixed wall of rough timber. I checked the leaflet, this canal hasn't had a boat up this end of it since 1932. It has been reclaimed by mother nature and was full of weeds and reeds. In parts the water could not be seen at all. 
Here is a little information board.

The tow path is in very good condition, I saw some dog walkers. One lone swan floating by, dipping it's head into the water to forage for food. 

At the fifth lock, none of the others had gates, I came off the canal at Coates Lock Bridge, to get on the road back to Pocklington. 

The view from the bridge, further on. The water does look a bit clearer down there towards Beilby. 
The walk back on the road took me past the Golf Club and through the village of Allerthorpe. A look at the church as I was passing. The door was not locked. 
The sun coming in through the opposite windows threw up some ghostly apparitions. 

It was six o clock when I got back to my car. First things first, pop into Aldi next to the car park and pick up a few essentials. I arrived back home just before 8PM. A lovely day out.
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. We discovered Pocklington when one of our sons got married nearby. We thought it was a lovely little town with quite a few nice little places to eat.

    1. I'll have to visit
      And Market weighton
      Mrs Lh💛

      Best wishes Levi xx

  2. How can we read your oldest blogs from when you started years ago? I can't seem to find any archives or how to start with the oldest blog on here. You are amazing. I was a single mom for many years and I'm still single counting pennies and retirement. Love your wisdom.

    1. The first post was on the 2nd of January 2009. It's here.

      At the bottom of it you will see a link Newer Post. You can use that to go to the next post. Or, if you want to start in the middle somewhere, go to the sidebar and scroll down to Look for Stuff You've Missed. Choose a year from the list, and then choose a month from that year. You can pick random years, and random months.

      Every post has two links at the bottom of it. Newer Post and Older Post. You can go up or down, one post at a time.

    2. Okay thank you. Will give it a try.

    3. Was able to get old blogs with your directioMs. Thank you. Those columns weren't showing up on cell phone but did on computer. Are you on vacation this week?

  3. Another lovely day out. Thank you ilona.

  4. Wow!!!! What a great walk. Lovely pictures. I am sure you were very uplifted in heart and slept well that night. 😊😊 Once again, thanks for taking us along mother!

  5. Thanks for the photos they were so nice to look at. I do have a question though, what do you call the feathery plants going beside the canal?

    1. I don't know. Maybe someone else can help you.

    2. They look like reeds to me. They provide homes and good hiding places for aquatic animals and birds.
      Liz from Wales.

    3. Looks like the common or Norfolk reed,the sort used for thatching.Nice photos,looks like you had a good day out,from Catherine

    4. I think those plants along the water are called "bull rushes". At least that is what they are called here in northeast America. Redwing blackbirds love them!

      Wonderful photos Meanqueen.

  6. Great photo's you are very good at taking photo's and videos ilona
    Anotherrr wonderful walk! I love walking next to canals
    Very relaxing I think!



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