Friday, 27 May 2022

Getting lost in the woods.

Good evening. I've been a walk today, Started from Wortley, between Barnsley and Sheffield. I have walked in this area before. This time I was following a route I found in Country Walking magazine. I failed miserably and got lost. I am not very good at following instructions as you know. Never mind, it was a good walk despite the fact that my sense of direction was a bit pants. I ended up back tracking to find my way back. I knew I would get confused in the woods. 
Some nice pictures coming up tomorrow. It's getting late now and I am tired. 
Toodle pip.   ilona



  1. Does your cell phone have an app for a built-in compass??

    1. No. I don't have a modern cell phone. My small Nokia only does phone calls and texts. Nothing else.


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