Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Perfect ending

I've had a nice day out today with my friend Angela. The plan was to go to Bransby Horses near Lincoln. I support this charity by sending a cheque twice a year, this time I thought it would be nice to hand it to them in person, and have a look around at the same time. We set off at 11am. 
On the way there Angela, who knows the area well, said there is a Green Burial Park at Laughton. I said let's have a look at that. I have never seen one before. They are usually in out of the way places and aren't noticeable unless you are looking for one. 
We went down a long rough track lane and pulled into the parking area. A man was just about to leave, he had been to visit his family plot. We struck up a conversation with him and he was happy to talk us through how it all works.   

We had a stroll around the grounds. It's a 45 acre site. We picked up leaflets from the box at the gate. The area is surrounded by trees, and pathways have been mowed into the grass to make it easier to walk around. We both agreed that this would be a lovely place to be laid to rest. 
A man came walking towards us, he was dressed in a smart suit and was carrying a document folder. He was looking for some people who he had arranged to meet there, and thought that we were them. It turned out that he is a funeral director and owns the land. Of course we had loads of questions to ask him. How lucky it was that he turned up at that moment in time. What a nice man. 
The people he had arranged to meet turned up, so he walked across to greet them. 
Take a look at these wonderful living willow benches. 

There is a fishing lake. We saw something fluttering on the surface in the middle of it so I zoomed in to have a look. From a distance it looked like ducks flapping their wings, it was very windy. 
No, it is lily pads. There are more close to the waters edge. 
Someone is checking her phone while I have a wander into the next field. 
We both agreed how nice it was there. It has given us both something to think about. Not that we are ready to go just yet, but somehow this environment feels just right for me. To be placed into the ground wrapped in a shroud, slipping quietly away from this world, would be the perfect ending. 

Here is the link to the Respect Green Burial Park web site. 

I've got some horsey pictures. I'll post them tomorrow. Thanks for popping in. 

Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. That's a lovely gesture ilona supporting the charity ilona.๐Ÿ‘ . Yes I've heard of green burial,Trisha Penrose better known as Gina from heartbeat husband's does green burials . but you ain't going anywhere just yet meanqueen but I no its nice getting our wishes down on documents ๐Ÿ’ฏ
    Peace of mind i agree.. what made you pick horse's ilona to support. Very good choice John Nettles from midsomer murders support and is a patron of the mare and foal sanctuary in Devon he owns a farm with a donkey and a few animals so it is close to his that hope you've had a nice day ilona with your friend Angela is that the Angela who appeared in your video when you went to the scrap store๐Ÿ˜Š ..all the best Levi xx

  2. Hello Ilona I truly think you'll be around for a good few years yet but when the time comes that looks a perfect resting spot natural pretty and peacefull in the mean time I'm sure all that healthy living you do will keep you ticking along nicely lolx

  3. I absolutely loved the green burial ground and like the fact that some allow pets to be buried there as well. If you’re thinking of something like this as a final resting place then I’d make sure people know your wishes. I’d like this option but am actually thinking of a direct cremation with no service. Family that I have hardly know me and any service would be a complete caricature of the person I am. The thought of people having a piss up down the pub afterwards rather than simply going for a long walk somewhere also makes me cringe.

  4. Surely it would have to be a multi-coloured shroud though, Ilona? No? H x


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