Saturday, 21 May 2022

Pottering about

 This morning I spent some time playing in the garden. I re potted some plants, and painted some pots. This is a free pot I got from someone in the village. They said on the facebook page for people to come and help themselves to the pots at the front of the house. I took this one. 

And I took this one. They were green, I painted them both blue. I don't like green or brown pots. 

I have had this pot for ages, think I probably bought it new. The paint was looking shabby so I gave it a new coat. The easy way to do this is to put the pot on the top of the wheelie bin. Then there is no bending down, and you can walk around the bin to paint the pot. 

This pot needed a freshen up. The sun has faded the colour. I use tester pots which I got from the Scrapstore. 

This plant is doing really well. I got it from the garden centre a few weeks ago. It's got lots of new green shoots. 

Only one flower on this plant so far, but I am hopeful that there will be more. 
I sorted some pots out which had a lot of weeds in them. I almost dumped the whole lot but managed to salvage some of the bulbs which were in the tangled roots. 

It's a shame that the petals fall off these flowers so quickly. 

This afternoon I did a local five mile walk. I'm on my way to the 416 mile target for the end of May. 

Hedgehog news. They are still coming every night, two of them. I hope they don't get squashed on the roads. 

Enjoy your Sunday. Toodle pip.  ilona. 


  1. Your garden pots and plants are looking great!! All that and a 5 mile walk. Some days you exhaust me reading of all you have done. 🀣🀣 I feel slothful πŸ¦₯. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Everything is looking beautiful mother!!! Plants are in the ground here in West Virginia. Now to fight the rabbits, deer, moles and flying bugs lol. So glad the hedgehogs are hanging around. Have a happy Sunday. 😊😊

    1. I can have my moments when I can't be bothered. I look around me and think, that needs attention, or I must get on with that job. Then I sit down and think about it, ha ha.

  2. Great stuff, I have some tired looking pots I never even thought about painting them! Everything looks healthy. You really can't beat the scent of those pinks. Karen

    1. I have used ordinary household emulsion. If it lasts a year or two then that's fine by me. Just repaint when they start looking shabby.

  3. Great idea. Repainting the pots makes them look much cheerier! Arilx

  4. I love your painted pots, they look great! We've just bought a load of plants to put out the front, in pots and baskets - I love all the colour of Summer! It's nice to see everyone's gardens springing to life and looking so pretty - our neighbours have just put up a long string of fairy lights around their front porch, unfortunately ours got chopped by our strimmer last year so we'll have to get new ones.
    Glad to hear that the hedgehogs are still visiting, I wish some would visit us but I've never seen any.
    Have a nice Monday
    Liz from Wales

  5. The iris is beautiful,my favourites,uv'e got us all raving with delight . l love seeing your garden,do you sit out there much? Nice deckchair,cup of tea,heaven.


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