Sunday, 26 June 2022

Rather worrying

There have been several reports on our village facebook page over the last few months about robbers breaking into backyards, sheds, and outhouses, and even into the house itself. These incidents usually happen overnight, although some suspicious activity of strangers trying gates and doors during daylight hours have also been reported. 

This popped up on or village page this morning. 

I would just like to make people aware. at 3:20 this morning my brother was cycling to work, he spotted two lads with balaclavas trying to break into a house. The circle on the map is where he saw them. My brother shouted what are you two doing? They then ran and got into a black car and sped off. Please check your property and stay vigilant. Maybe someone may have CCTV that may have caught something.

Rural crime around here is gaining momentum, with batteries used for electric fencing  being stolen, more than once on the same site. Sheds broken into and farm equipment are stolen. And the two dead sheep carcasses I found dumped in the woods. All rather worrying to think that people are coming from outside the area to rob us. 

There are a lot of people in the village with security cameras fixed to their properties. This I hope deters the robbers, but the pictures are poor quality and the culprits are not always identifiable. A blurry picture of someone wearing dark clothing with a hood pulled over their head, does not give many clues. 

To be honest, we shouldn't be surprised that this is happening. People are going to become more desperate as time goes on to make money which ever way they can. I can only see this escalating. Rob a few things to sell on to make money for what they need, either food or drugs, or both. Check your security measures. Make a note of any suspicious activity. Take down car and van registration numbers. Lock everything up. 

I did a double walk for Billy dog yesterday. His mummy was out for the day, she gave me a key to get him out. We had a lovely time walking around the pond, then later a village walk. 

I had a natter and a catch up over a glass of sherry with a friend last night. 

It is sunny and windy outside. Enjoy your Sunday. Thanks for popping in. 

Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Stealing makes me angry!! When a person has worked and taken care of their home and things to have them stolen is just terrible!!! It also makes you feel violated. I completely understand these are hard times. But most of these people are just trying to get money without working honestly for it. It’s quicker money to steal and sell. And sadly it is getting worse and is everywhere. Sorry your village is having to deal with it. Nice that you have a Facebook page and can lookout for one another.

  2. Are the village crimes going to get as bad as in Midsomer Murders?? I'm watching the series on You Tube during this hot summer in the Pacific NW (supposed to have 3 days of temperatures around 100 degrees F)!!

  3. You probably won’t read this but here is my story:

    I was outside and a man with a little boy told me they he was a tree trimmers for the electric company and could we go into the backyard. I did but quickly realized he was lying and screamed at him to leave. I then saw another man walking from my front door. Thankfully the door was locked and nothing was stolen. I got the license number and called the police and identified him. I later learned that the previous night he had gotten into a house and stole a safe with $5,000. Because of the pandemic, the justice system moved slowly but I told my story to the state attorney and gave a video deposition. The bad guy had done this same scam/burglary in other parts of the state. In the end the bad guy pled guilty (no trial) and recently was sentenced to 15 years in prison. So while you think I’m a troll or idiot for completely disagreeing with you ideas about government and “them,” I know I’m a good person who has made a difference in my community.

  4. This has increased in our small town too. We moved here 3 years ago from a large city where crime was very high everywhere. We're surprised to see lots of things left unsecured outside trailers, bikes benches, tables and chairs in front gardens and thought it was really nice to be safe here from theft. Recently lots of things are no longer left like this due to rising thefts. Sad but a consequence of rising prices and desperate people

  5. I was only saying today that I think crime will get worse -and the village police here are like the 2 characters sitting in the police car in Last of the Summer Wine TV programme - who look the other way x

  6. In 2004 our home was broken into late at night. I had fallen asleep on the couch when I heard our kitchen door close. I thought it was my husband so I got up to look but he wasn’t there. Immediately I got this creepy feeling and I ran upstairs to tell my husband that someone was in our home. Long story short the criminal left fingerprints. He was a neighborhood kid. Teenager. But he spent 4 years in prison. It was one of the scariest nights of my life.


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