Saturday, 23 July 2022

A walk with a bonus.

Good morning. Last Saturday was the Bowls Club coffee morning, this Saturday I have nothing planned, let's see how it pans out. A sunny start looks promising. I need to water the pots and flower beds when I have finished this. I keep hoping it has rained overnight, but once again, it hasn't. 
I extended my usual walk to seven miles yesterday. It was overcast, a slight breeze, but was warm. It's nice to see the change of seasons, and what is going on in the fields. The crops are almost ready for harvesting, some of them have already been done. 
I try to compose my photo's rather than just snapping them. The curve of the river and the dotted line of trees, with the wind turbines in the distance, make this interesting to me.  

A little bit of zoom there. 

Almost every walk I do has a bonus. I came across a notice which said, Bridleway closed due to maintenance. I decided to ignore that and carry on. Looks like there could be a blockage ahead. 

I inched my way past the first tractor which had a chipper hitched up to it. Further along the path was strewn with branches which I scrambled through. Then I came across a second tractor with a trailer of equipment on the back of it. Two workers were sat on the back finishing their lunch. They offered to move the tractor to one side so I could get past. No no, that's ok, I can fight my way through the brambles, I said.  

I recognised the men from a previous walk along there. One of them owns the land and they were making it safe for horse riders to use the track. he said, aha, you are the lorry driver, aren't you. Yep, that's me. We chatted for a good twenty minutes or so. What a bonus it was to meet these two again. Smashing 63 year old Fergie you have there. 
Some of the trees are already shedding their leaves. Parts of the path have an Autumn feel about it. 
Through a village and out the other side now. Walking along field edges. 
Approaching a farm, they have been working hard to gather this harvest and stack it up. 
On my way back I passed Angie's bench. Looks like Trevor has been to tidy up. The bench is clean, grass cut, the bird feeders have been filled, dog water bottles full of fresh water, and new flowers in the vases. The wind was getting up a bit so I didn't stop long. A last push for home. 
The cats were ready for their food, and I just needed to microwave a portion of the stew I made the day before. Easy peasy. 
There is an interesting conversation on the 'No Stopping It' post. Thank you to those who have contributed to it, and spent time writing long comments. I think sometimes I whack the posts out rather quickly and it's a shame that they will buried. But that's the nature of blogging. You can move along quickly and skip through a lot. Yoootooob is a different kettle of fish. people watch old videos from years ago, and add their comment. The conversations on there can be kept going over a longer period of time.
Crikey, look at the time. I must go outside and water up. My plants will be gasping their last breath if I don't get on with the job.
Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your weekend. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Hi Ilona, Lovely inspiring post as always, your get up and go attitude is very inspirational to me.
    I sent an email to the gmail address you have here on the website, not sure if you have had a chance to see it, anyhow, have a great day and thanks for all you do, from Clare

    1. Hello Clare. Yes, I have your email, thank you. I will reply today, I promise. xxx

  2. No rush Ilona, honestly xxx Hope you had a great day. Just got back from a London March to support the vaccine injured/bereaved, met lots of interesting and kind people. Many disgusted by the recent BBC 'documentary' that has generated much discussion here.

  3. More fantastic photos. And I do go back in your blog and read old posts mother. 🙂 Your writing and pictures are always fabulous. You stay so busy, you run circles around me lol . Keep on going mother we all love the journey.


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