Monday 22 August 2022

A look at Ripon.

Good morning. I have a lot of photo's to sort out from my trip to Ripon. It will also include Pateley Bridge, Brimham Rocks, and Studley Park. It's a lovey area with lots of places to see. I will be covering several posts, breaking it down to more easily managed chunks, so I am not tied to the computer. 
A narrow cobbled street with small shops. I like the festival style bunting. 
There are flowers everywhere. Planters, and window boxes. 

The Town Hall and Information Centre. I always go to these places first to pick up a free map. 

Monument on the Market Square. 

This is the same street as above later in the day, only this time the sun was in the right place. What a difference a few hours makes. 
The Cathedral is the dominant feature in this small compact city. 

I couldn't film outside because it was too windy, but I have a video coming up of the inside. I will post that later when it comes out of the oven. 😁

Thanks for popping in. We will catch up soon.    Toodle pip.   ilona



  1. Hi there! We were on holiday in Ripon about the same time! It's a lovely place isn't it. Did you manage to see the Ripon Hornblower? The horn is sounded every night at 9pm from the four corners of the obelisk. It's one of Britain's longest standing traditions, dating back to the 800's!

    1. Someone told me about the Hornblower and I should have made the effort to see it, but I had been walking all day and was in bed by 9 o clock.


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