Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Let's go to Pateley Bridge

Saturday morning saw me up bright and early. The weather looked promising. Water heating for a coffee, and an egg custard to go with it. See to my ablutions in the public toilets which were open. It's not easy to brush ones teeth when the sink is a metal structure set into the wall, and automatically dispenses soap, hot water, and hot air. Wet flannel taken into a cubicle to wipe one's nether regions. I managed. 
Then I was ready to move. The plan was to drive to Brimham Rocks, some seven miles away, and have a look at that, then go for a longer walk. I arrived at the car park and was studying the pay machine. A lady came up and got herself a ticket with her plastic NT card. I was reading the instructions, said I was studying the prices and would I be able to pay with cash. Straight away she said I have two cards, I can get your ticket. Oh wow, I was beaming from ear to ear, what a kind thing to do. She saved me £9, the lovely lady. 
I had decided that I wanted to walk to Pateley Bridge, and could view the Rocks when I came back to the car. There are lots of paths coming out of that car park, it's very confusing. I soldiered on, went round in a circle, before I got going on the right path. 
The countryside is very beautiful in those parts, the scenery is quite spectacular. I always have the camera ready to whip out. 

After a trek along a very rocky path, I came across a cottage and the lady of the house was pottering in the garage. I stopped to chat, she was very friendly, I liked her. A good half an hour later we said cheerio and I was on my way. I followed her directions to the river, and all I had to do was follow that to Pateley Bridge. 

A stile with a dog flap. Pull the string which lifts the flap so the dog can walk through it. Saves having to lift a dog over it. 
You never know when you might get a surprise view. A mystery house. Always have the camera ready. 

At last I arrived in Pately. It was rather busy with tourists, walkers, cyclists, and bikers. A popular place at the weekend. Look at this cute garden decorated with lots of small ornaments and toys. They call it make a wish, and there was a plaque saying how much they have raised so far for charity. 
The main street in Pateley.

I walked up the hill to look at a church. Lovely views. 

At the top, a church with most of the front covered in corrugated sheeting. It looks a mess, but I'm sure it will look better once the renovations are finished. I heard music coming from the open door. 
A lady is playing the organ. I didn't stop to chat. Time was getting on and I still had a lot more walking to do. 

After a Magnum ice cream treat I went on my way, heading back to the car by a different route. I wonder if I can get lost again. 

More scenery pics on the next post. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Another lovely place. Everything looked so neat and clean. The churches are always so nice.

    1. Hello Tammy. A lot of churches have volunteers to keep them clean and tidy. I used to be the church cleaner here in my village for about three years.

  2. Such pleasant peaceful-looking countryside to explore. Great photos too :)

    1. Hello. I like to get off the beaten track and wander alone, following a route on a map. It was busy in Pateley Bridge so I didn't stay long.