Tuesday 23 August 2022

Looking back, and forwards.

 Good morning. A post for those who are concerned about our future. I have been reading through two of my previous posts. . . . . . 

21st July 2013. Common sense politics. A guest post. Written by Auntie Nellie aka me. Here is an extract, from a letter to the Prime Minister. 

So, how many more people are you planning on inviting in, how many more can you fit onto our tiny island?  We give shed loads of money to people, virtually as they walk off the boat, or get out of the back of the lorry that they just travelled half way across Europe in.  Why is all this happening? Because we are full up. . . . 76 comments on this post.

26th April 2016. A Question and an answer. (Topic closed)  A follow up from the post in 2013. Here is an extract. from this post.

The movement of whole populations from one country to another is what I would class as an invasion, Europe is being invaded. People will keep on coming, whole armies of them, it's like a great tidal wave that can't be stopped. My prediction. In years to come Europe will change beyond all recognition. . . .103 comments on this post. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

I seem to remember that I wrote these posts at the time Brexit was being debated. Reading through the comments there were conflicting views. Most of the discussions were civilised, very little anger, and Anonymous was allowed to comment. Some readers chose to not come back, fair enough. Some readers chose to agree with me, also fair enough. 

In the last six years things have moved forward, and what it shows is that the plan for globalisation was formulated years ago. What has happened since 2016 shows that all western Governments are colluding with each other under the umbrella of Klaus and his gang. It really took off in early 2020 when a mysterious bug was predicted to wipe out half of the worlds population. Now we move from one crisis to another, all planned. 

So it doesn't surprise me that the boats still come, because that's the plan. 

BREAKING: A total of 1,295 people were detected crossing the English Channel in small boats on Monday, the highest daily number since current records began, the Ministry of Defence said.

This is the plan, they have been invited. My prediction, The UK will change beyond all recognition, as will most of Europe. Forget Brexit, this is the new war. It doesn't matter which of the main parties are in number 10, the end result will be the same. The fun and games in Downing Street will continue, while we the commoners will become more and more restricted about what we are allowed to do. That is the plan. 
Once you can get your head around that you can make your own plans. Never mind about wear a rag on your face to protect others, do it for yourself if you so wish. Never mind about getting the jabbberwocky to protect others, read up about it and do it for yourself if you need to. Become more self sufficient, and  more self reliant. I wish you well. These are hard times, we have a mountain to climb, but with a strong will, it can be done. 
Lots of love. see you soon.  ilona  


  1. The invasion goes all the way back to traitor-in-chief Blair and his open borders at the time of EU expansion (other countries had the sense to put in place transitional restrictions). Since then it has been a totally verboten topic in "polite" circles, after all they don't have to live with the day-to-day consequences, only take advantage of the access to cheap labour. Some more leaders like Orban would stir things up.

  2. I would like to mention that Stanley Johnson (father of Boris Johnson) wrote a book in 2015 called 'The Virus' which was about a mysterious bug and the fight to stop a deadly pandemic.
    He also wrote a book called 'The population problem' in 1973 and other ones on a similar topic - it therefore occurs to me, that the 'upper echelons' in society were fully versed decades ago about the November Oscar Whisky and what was being planned for the future. On a brighter note, I am grateful for each day and being fairly healthy and will face the struggles looming with grit and a smile.

  3. Completely agree. My home country, the Netherlands, changed beyond recognition since I was a child in the eighties and nineties, and before that. I have left for Norway eight years ago and it has gotten much worse. A million, were invited the last ten years. I am happy that Norway is not (yet) as idiotic as Sweden, but even in the big cities here there are problems. When I read books about the countryside from 50 years ago, or even about life in the big cities, it hurts to see the difference between then and now. It is for most people easier to call someone else a racist (or antivaxxer, or whatever) than to face the mess we are in. I wish them good luck. My grandpa said in the eighties to my mum: 'if this continues, your daughter will be wearing a scarf on her head too'. Luckily we are not there (yet) but we are definitely heading that way. I chose to leave the Netherlands because I love Norway but mostly to protect them. Would not want my three pretty blonde daughters at a school with 50% or more Africans.

  4. As expected, this post has ruffled a few feathers, and brought out the trolls. Some of them use their keyboards as a weapon to attack me at every opportunity. They can't help themselves.

    Troll comments are not about someone who might have a different opinion from me. Their aim is to police my blog, dictating what I am allowed to write about and what I am not. They are simply, bullies.

    My Awaiting Moderation box is filling up. Among the contents are perfectly legitimate comments from those who are awake to the current situation. For these I am grateful. We must stick together.

  5. I do wonder sometimes if people who disagree with you are trolls, or just people who disagree with you?

    1. There is a way of putting a point across without being condescending and patronising. People come back time and time again. A lot of the comments follow the same pattern, they repeat themselves. I have 15 comments awaiting moderation on this post, none of them will get published. They are definitely trolls. I am called an attention seeker, a racist, weird, they want my blog shut down, my blog is repetitive and boring, I talk rubbish, and I am a shameful, awful creature.

    2. Debi,although I am a bit late to this post,I agree with you.xx

  6. This blog needs reporting.

    1. It surely does, what a great idea. Perhaps you could nominate it for the Best Blog Awards 2022. Surely with my varied content and professional presentation I would have an excellent chance of winning.

  7. Why do people keep stating the bleeding obvious. I have said it before and I will say it again. You dear reader can have a different opinion from me, but I don't have to publish your comment.