Tuesday 16 August 2022

Message from Mayze

Good morning. The sun going down over yonder last night. View from my bedroom window. 
It happens sometimes that a bird might fly into my back window. The other day it was a young pigeon. I heard a thud and went out to investigate. It was on the ground looking a bit concussed. I moved towards it with the intention of picking it up to assess the damage. Thankfully it recovered enough to fly away. 

I need to put up some sort of warning system to stop the birds doing that. How about hanging some cd's up. Perhaps that will work. Should it be coloured side facing out, or the shiny side? I will try this for now. 

Hello Mayze here. I know a lot of people are worried about me. I am feeling a lot better. The nice lady vet said there is no problem with the bloods. They sent me home with some tablets which will clear up my snotty nose, my wheezy chest, and leaky eyes. There are two tablets left and they are working. My human has been looking after me. The bonus is that she has been serving up some delicious cooked chicken. I could get used to it. I hope she continues with this lovely food long after I have fully recovered. Lots of love to all my fans. xxx
No rain as yet here. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Dear maybe is such a sweetheart she looks so cozy and comfy she is a lucky girl living with a great mum and beautifull garden.oscar makes me laugh the way he looks right up to you at the window to let him in.cats are such good company🌈jodorset🌈

  2. I was scared when I read the title. I thought something bad had happened. Fortunately I was wrong. Carolina

  3. Glad to see the mayze update ;). She writes well! Our dog, 14 years old, had a spell of old dog vertigo…yikes! The good news is that it passes, and she is almost back to normal. It is very difficult when our pets get sick isn’t it? Hilogene in Az

  4. I'm very pleased that Mayze is comfortable and enjoying her convalesance -You are a very attentive and kindly veterinary nurse Ilona x

  5. So good to hear that Mayze is feeling much better.

  6. Bless you, Mayze, you look very comfortable and happy.

    Amanda, Sussex

  7. Bless sweet Mayze. Glad she is doing better. We have a mama and three babies that we rescued a little over two years ago. We fight chronic upper respiratory flare ups with them at least a couple times a year. Always so pitiful when they don't feel well. Usually, a couple days into medications, and they improve significantly. Continued prayers for your Mayze. She is gorgeous.

  8. Birds rarely survive flying into a window even if they fly away afterwards. I bought a roll of tape for my windows (it must be put on the outside and not more that four inches apart). Doing this will save bird
    lives and is a real contribution to the environment.


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