Monday 5 September 2022

What did I do over the weekend

Good morning. That's another weekend gone. I woke up this morning to find that it has rained overnight, rather heavily judging by the pools of water on my neighbours flat roof. Now perhaps the patches of brown grass will turn green.
I did two five mile walks over the weekend. I like to stop at a field gate and look for the three horses that live in the field. I often speak to the owner if she is there. She usually comes at about 5pm to top up their water, and bring extra feed. Today she wasn't there, I was too early. The horses spotted me, they were at the top end of the field and came galloping towards me. Possibly thinking I was the foodie person. They gathered around the water bath, the electric fencing prevented them from coming any closer so I zoomed in. Lovely horses, she looks after them well. I was ten minutes down the road near the industrial estate when a familiar car came by. The driver gave me a cheery wave. The foodie lady was on her way.
A litle job I did over the weekend. I am getting my car ready for a service this week, so I took everything out of it and got the dyson out for a good interior clean. This is not one of my favourite jobs. Any task that is loosely connected to housework is a no no in my book. I do it when I have to, not before. 
I need to elevate my bottom when driving, can't stand sitting low down in a hole. Comes from sitting high up in a lorry cab I suppose. Good all round vision is important. How they sit in a low slung sports car I will never understand. I would feel very vulnerable with my arse dragging on the ground. High up and in control is my preferred seating in anything with wheels on. 
Someone gave me one of those memory foam pillows a couple of years ago. They couldn't get on with it and I can understand why. It's as heavy and as hard as a rock. It would not suit me to rest my head on that. 
I folded the end over and stuffed it into a pillow case and used it as a seat cushion in my car. It is the perfect shape, and with the folded bit at the back it forms a wedge shape which elevates my bottom nicely. The only problem was gradually it became stretched out to its normal pillow size, and I had to keep scrunching it up, which became a bit annoying. 
Solution. Fold it over and stitch it down so it cannot unfold.  
Then make a cover the exact size. There you are, it fits the seat perfectly. You will notice that I have a lumber support thingy. It is a mesh and wire contraption which I bought some time ago from Home Bargains. It was only £1 so I bought two. One for the crappy office chair I used to sit in before I bought the posh chair. They work really well, a good buy, I haven't seen any for ages, maybe they are no longer available. Now I am all set for some comfortable driving. 

The sun is shining. Now I have to get the polish out and clean the dashboard, then clean the outside of the car. I have to do it in stages because it is a boring job. 
Breakfast time. Porridge today with frozen raspberries and half a banana. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona 


  1. Totally agree about not sitting low down in the car. I'm only 5' 2" so I need the seat higher up and a good way forward to reach the pedals comfortably! I love your cushion and how you've made it fit you.
    I've also been using up frozen fruits this last week or so, but in overnight oats, not cooked. The horses look very healthy.

    1. Hello Corinne. I imagine they have to make car seats a one size fits all, to take into account the heavier and taller frame. I am 5ft 7ins, and need a booster cushion.

      I must try and remember the soaking oats overnight thing. I keep forgetting, in my sudden need to go to bed.

  2. Hi Ilona, long time reader but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. I agree with you about wanting to be high up in the car for good visibility, I have a good (old but very well looked after ) car that I inherited from my darling late MIL and you sit quite high up in it, I love it. Years ago I worked for a community health organisation and used their fleet vehicles to drive to clients homes, I hated their cars as I too felt like my bum was on the road and I couldn’t see as well. You’ve come up with a great solution. I pop in every day and read your blog, I just love your no nonsense approach to life. Have a good day, Fi from Australia.

  3. Hello Clayre. Reply to your comment. It's difficult to say. Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch and read. I think we are alright at the moment.

  4. Reply to Unknown. Thank you for the link. I watched the video. Black Belt Barrister has done a video on the same topic. He warns that the ideas presented in the video are illegal. Be very careful.


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