Saturday 29 October 2022

Different aspects of art

Good morning. A wet start to the day. Let's see how it pans out. 
I've had these pictures in the drafts folder for over a month now, it's about time I posted them. They are from an exhibition at the 20 21 Arts Centre. So many different kinds of art. These are more like models made from scratch. The detail put into these sculptures is amazing. Warning, some of them are rather gruesome. 

Blurb about the artist. There are more pictures on his web site. 

Also on at the same time was an exhibition of decorated clothes pegs. There were hundreds of them all dressed differently, on displays in several parts of the gallery. These are fun. Several schools in the area took part in this. 

Mayze has abandoned Gloria, I think they have had a tiff. She has moved onto a fleece on the sofa, and is now warming her back next to the gas fire. 

I hope to do a dog walk later on when the gloom outside has moved on. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Love the peg dolls. I remember my grandmother talking about "peg dolls" but have never seen any before. They look like a lot of fun :)

    1. You don't very often see those kind of pegs anymore. They are mostly plastic and have a spring.

  2. I love your blog, video channel and outlook Ilona. You are awake and alive and a wonderful inspiration. Ignore the trolls, a waste of energy. Life is so short and precious, they want to spend their very limited time on earth, attacking other's, whilst stagnating in their own life. There is nowt as pitiful as lost bitter folks.
    So much goodness and loveliness out there, where focus goes, energy flows.
    Sending love and light from the East Riding. 🥰


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